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Monday, March 26, 2012

Various Artists - Wednesday Morning Dew Realistic Patterns, Vol. 2 (60's us, pleasing psychedelic trip out )

Psychic Circle's second collection of rare "Orchestrated Psychedelia from the USA" manages to be more satisfying than the first; like Realistic Patterns, Wednesday Morning Dew has precious little to do with genuine psychedelic rock, but as a collection of pop tunes which revel in the lysergic influences of the late '60s, it's fun and engaging stuff. Jeff Monn, who as a member of the Third Bardo sang one of the great garage-psych tunes of all time ("Five Years Ahead of My Time"), shows off a more ambitious side on the more polished but similarly intense "She Is There for Me." New York City rockers the Majik Ship are represented by one of the stellar moments from their self-titled album, the moody and tastefully arranged "Sunday Morning Dew."

Secret Agents of the Vice Squad not only had a great name, they managed to twist "Hang on Sloopy" into an homage to the Left Banke, with the likeably odd "I Saw Sloopy." The Shambles' "World War II in Cincinnati" boasts what must be one of the most cryptic drug references of the era, but the Baroque pop arrangement is unmistakably pleasurable; "Follow Us" by Summerhill is an even more impressive and ambitious Baroque pop rarity, and a real stunner.

Silk from Cleveland deliver a solid bit of horn-infused blue-eyed soul on "Not a Whole Lot I Can Do," which features future heartland rock cult hero Michael Stanley on guitar. And though the contributions from the Second Time and the Peppermint Rainbow aren't especially obscure, they're fine tunes that sound great in this context. Fans of heavy psych will find this too diluted for their taste, but if you have an ear for pleasantly off-kilter '60s pop, Wednesday Morning Dew will make you feel very good indeed.
by Mark Deming

Artists - Tracks
1. Bloomsbury People - Have You Seen Them Cry - 3:32
2. Erik - Child of the Sea - 2:22
3. Majic Ship - Wednesday Morning Dew - 2:55
4. Fallen Angels - Room at the Top - 2:41
5. Shambles - World War II in Cincinatti - 2:52
6. Wayne Stewart - If You Could Be Him Instead - 2:16
7. Summerhill - Follow Us - 3:47
8. Stony Brook People - There's Tomorrow - 2:43
9. The Bag - Nickels & Dimes - 2:31
10.Secret Agents of the Vice Squad - I Saw Sloopy - 1:58
11.Peter Courtney - Dr. David's Private Papers - 2:23
12.Green Lyte Sunday - If You Want to Be Free - 2:41
13.Hearts And Flowers - Tin Angel - 4:23
14.Five By Five - Too Much Tomorrow - 2:35
15.Jeff Monn - She Is There for Me - 2:02
16.The Second Time - Listen to the Music - 2:48
17.Nova Local - If You Only Had the Time - 2:19
18.Silk - Not a Whole Lot I Can Do - 3:06
19.Hook - There's Magic in the Air - 2:19
20.Peppermint Rainbow - Pink Lemonade - 2:08

More from the Artists
Erik Heller - Look Where I Am 1968 
Majic Ship 1970

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Mr. Clem said...

Big thanks for this one. Looking forward to hearing some of these. I had singles by some of these bands but rarely found their albums even when they were in release. I just recently found a copy of Smooth As Raw Silk at a garage sale.

Anatoly said...

Many thanks for this second installment of the fine psych pop series!

Remy said...

Thanks Marios!

Strangely enough, if you look closely you'll notice Shelly Winters standing in the audience at every important '60s gathering. :)

snakeboy said...

To check out what Steve Hoffman is doing now, also try

Thatnks for the post.

DanP said...

Yay! Thank you Marios!!! :)

psychonaut said...

Wonderful comps (this one and Vol. 1)! Took ages to download but they're well worth the wait. Thanks!!

GaragePunk66 said...

I've passed this one up several times at the local record store, now that I've heard this it makes me think I should have purchased them when I had the chance. Thanks for the preview.

cudawaver said...

Big thanks for this one. I collected many of the Psychic Circle comps until my "drought" (vol 1 I have). Thanks also for keeping my rip of Tamam Shud alive - feel free to post others. I think Harry requested a re-up of "Mojo Workout" - Paul Revere & The Raiders over at Phrock.

Marios said...

Thank you Cudawaver,
I'll reup Paul Revere in the next days.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to get this comp but the downloads don't seem to work. When I reach Depositfiles through the linking system that you use, for some reson it is impossible to fill in the form for the captcha that is required to download the file. And when I try to download through Turbobit the download stops when it has reached around 40%. This happens everytime, I have tried four or five times. Is it possible for you to upload this album to another file sharing host?

Marios said...

Please leave me your e-mail, I'll see what I can do.

Unknown said...

I love the music you post but I am new to this scene and cannot figure out to listen to, and if possible, download the albums. Forgive ignorance, is there a how-to on your site somewhere?

Jezparker said...

@Marios Link for Various Artists - Wednesday Morning Dew Realistic Patterns, Vol. 2 says Free Text acct is suspended. Can you supply another link, please? Thank you!