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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Alexis - Alexis (1977 us, delicate guitar rock with mild harmonies, Vinyl issue)

A slightly Hard Rock band, Alexis are amongst a plethora of American outfits who released product in the 70's and 80's who would fall into legend with collectors thanks to a sole album release even though the record might just have been a little on the average side. 

Alexis' album was recorded at The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA and produced by Ron Nevison.

1. Fly by Night - 3:49
2. It's About You (Eddie Ulibarri) - 3:54
3. We Need Help Now (Robby Fallberg, Randy Reeder) - 3:17
4. Goodnight My Son (David Martinez, Eddie Ulibarri) - 3:09
5. It's in Your Hands - 3:06
6. Late Night Rocker - 3:52
7. Lord Keeps Account (Larry Braden, Randy Reeder, Dick Walker) - 4:50
8. Moon Worlds - 3:45
9. Elam (Eddie Ulibarri) - 4:50
All songs by Larry Braden, Robby Fallberg, David Peters, Randy Reeder, Eddie Ulibarri, Dick Walker except where noted.

*Eddie Ulibarri - Lead Vocals, Piano, Celeste, Synthesizer
*Robbie Fallberg - Guitars
*Larry Braden - Vocals, Bass
*Dick Walker - Vocals, Piano, Synthesizer
*Randy Reeder - Drums
*Dave Peters - Saxophone, Synthesizer

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The Blend - Anytime Delight (1979 us, pleasant hard rock with southern traces, Vinyl issue)

The Blend was a '70s rock quintet from Maine led by singer/guitarist Jim Drown .Signed  to MCA and accomplished two  albums. and had combined sales of nearly 130,000 records. They even got on Billboard's top 100 at #74 with a bullet.

The Blend had it all. All five were lead singers and songwriters, and  every show was an addictive train ride that led to a climactic explosion several times.

The Blend gained the experience of touring and opening huge shows for a long list of great rock and roll acts (The Who, ZZ Top, Hall and Oates, Charlie Daniels, etc). Their second album under the title "Anytime Delight" released in 1979 and it’s a pleasant hard rockin with some smokin southern blasts.

1. Feel Like I'm Crazy - 3:49
2. Money (Steven Dore) - 5:09
3. Anytime Delight (Steven Dore) - 3:09
4. I'm Not Losin' - 3:15
5. Sky High (Steven Dore, Jeff Joseph) - 4:18
6. Misty Blue (Donnie "D.P." Pomber) - 4:01
7. She Can Take Me - 3:26
8. Will You Be Mine (Steven Dore) - 3:15
9. For Crying Out Loud - 1:58
10.The Prize - 7:03
All songs by Jim "J.D." Drown except where stated

The Blend
*Steven Dore - Guitar, Piano
*Jim "J.D." Drown - Guitar
*Ken Holt - Bass, Vocals
*Donnie "D.P." Pomber - Guitar, Piano
*Skip Smith - Drums

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