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Friday, July 7, 2023

Don Cooper - Howlin' At The Moon (1969-73 us, fascinating groovy jazzy folk rock, 2005 release)

Laden with sunshine soaked melodies, round-the-campfire guitars, troubadour vocals and hip hop beats, despite being recently sampled by the likes of hip hop giants MC Search and Dilated Peoples, Don Cooper has previously been resigned to obscurity, but no longer…   Howlin’ At The Moon is first ever “best of” of this enigmatic singer/songwriter.

A must-have compilation taken from only 4 albums (’69-’73) he ever recorded. Side-men include: Terry Plumeri, Toots Thielman, Davis Sanborn, the genius of Richard Davis and one of the world’s most important drummers ever to do it, Bernard Purdie.

Compiled by, and featuring original artwork and sleevenotes from Andy Votel (Twisted Nerve) and Chris McBride (45 Kings), This compilation on Delay 68 is an enthralling collection of songs from this forgotten sensation.

1. Rhinstone In The Rough (Ken Shephard) - 2:30 
2. A Better Way - 1:39 
3. Fat Love Birds (Michael Cochran) - 5:39 
4. Bless The Children - 3:56 
5. A New Gun - 2:05 
6. Blueberry Pickin' (Don Cooper, Thomas Whitfield) - 4:16 
7. Captain Spangles Crystal Song - 2:47 
8. Easily Said - 2:00 
9. Mad George - 2:34 
10.Rapid Rainbow Times - 2:20 
11.Howlin' At The Moon - 2:23 
12.Step Away (Ken Shephard) - 4:07 
13.Cotton Candy Dreams - 3:11 
14.Revelation - 2:30 
15.Tin Cans And Alleyways (Ken Shephard) - 2:39
Music and Lyrics by Don Cooper except where noted

*Don Cooper - Vocals, Guitar
*Elliott Randall - Guitar
*Terry Plumeri - Bass
*Bobby Notkoff - Fiddle
*Dixon Van Winkle - Bass
*Richard Davis - Bass
*Terry Plumer - Bass, Double Bass 
*Al Rogers - Drums
*Bernie Purdie - Drums 
*Herb Lovelle - Drums
*John Plutonia - Guitar
*Toots Theilman - Harmonica, Guitar
*Hugh McCracken - Guitar
*Paul Griffin - Keyboards 
*Gary Malabar - Vibraphone 
*Tom Daws - Bass
*Frank Owens - Keyboards 
*Gordon Edwards - Bass 
*Neal Larsen - Keyboards