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Monday, December 28, 2020

Saraband - Close To It All (1973 uk, wonderful folk rock, 2018 korean remaster)

Saraband was a short lived folk band from Rochdale (England), released only album in 1973. They started  out as The Honeydew releasing one LP in 1970, befor changing their name to Saraband. 

Fragile female vocal well mixed with various acoustic instruments and male vocal harmonies.

This is their sole album, one of the first on the tiny independent Folk Heritage label, and, lacking any distribution network, it was only available at gigs or mail order.

1. Close To It All (Melanie Safka) - 4:55
2. Winter Song (Frank Harrison, Barbara Yates) - 4:44
3. This Moment (Mike Heron) - 7:14
4. Retrospect (Frank Harrison) - 3:43
5. I'm Your Man (Frank Harrison, Stuart Mawdsley, Barbara Yates) - 3:04
6. Black Jack Davey (Traditional) - 3:35
7. Peace Will Come (Tom Paxton) - 3:03
8. River (Frank Harrison, Barbara Yates) - 8:32
9. Herbie (Frank Harrison, Barbara Yates) - 3:55
10.All The Way To Richmond (Ed Welch, Tom Paxton) - 4:00

*Barbara Yates - Vocals, Tambourine, Recorder 
*Frank Harrison - Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin
*Stuart Mawdsley - Guitar, Vocals
*Dave Titley - Bass, Electric Guitar, Vocals
*Chris Bradley - Drums, Tambourine, Bongos, Cymbal, Mandolin, Bodhrán