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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lighthouse - Can You Feel It? (1973 canada, exciting jazz rock, 2008 remastered)

One of Canada's most original pop groups ever, Lighthouse was formed in Toronto early in 1969 when drummer Skip Prokop (ex of The Paupers, Janis Joplin, Al Kooper and Carlos Santana) had a vision of incorporating horns and strings with modern rock, sort of a heavy-hitting 'big band' sound. After a chance meeting in New York with Paul Hoffert - who was actually trained in more classical stylings and already an established sessions-player. Ralph Cole joined soon after. Originally a native of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Cole knew Prokop when he was in Thyme, who had actually performed on many bills with The Paupers during the latter half of the decade. They added mul

The 'full orchestra sound' which would become the band's trademark was at first rounded out by an additional 10 members including singer Pinky Dauvin. Their sound was as diverse as their listening audience, and contained cellos, violas, an array of horns and a full percussion section. The band was doing their first gig outdoors by May of that year and were signed to a deal with RCA shortly thereafter. They went to Toronto's Eastern Sound Studios in the spring of '69 and released their self-titled debut that same year. Produced by Prokop and Hoffert, it was met with critics' praises, following the success of such tracks as "Mountain Man" and the cover of the Byrds' "Eight Miles High".

"Can You Feel It"? came out in '73, recorded in New York's Record Plant. The upbeat pop-smash "Pretty Lady", along with the title track and "Set The Stage" fetched the band more gold. But despite following their proven forumula, they were finding themselves in the middle of a changing musical environment.

1. Set the Stage (Cole) - 4:56
2. Same Train (Prokop) - 6:03
3. Magic’s in the Dancing (Cole) - 4:04
4. Pretty Lady (Prokop) - 3:57
5. Disagreable Man (Prokop) - 5:29
6. Can You Feel It (Prokop) - 4:36
7. Is Love the Answer (Cole) - 3:14
8. Lonely Hours (Prokop) - 6:25
9. No More Searching (Hillary) - 4:04
10. Bright Side (Cole) - 4:26

*Skip Prokop - Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Guitar
*Ralph Cole - Guitar, Vocals
*Alan Wilmot - Bass
*Don DiNovo - Five-String Electric Viola
*Dick Armin - Electric Cello
*John Naslen - Trumpet
*Dale Hillary - Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, Vocals
*Larry Smith - Piano, Vocals
*Rick Stepton – Trombone

1969  Lighthouse (2012 extra tracks edition)
1971  One Fine Morning
1972  Sunny Days (2008 RDI issue)
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