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Monday, May 4, 2015

Big Foot - Big Foot (1968 us, awesome early prog, jazz brass rock, Vinyl edition)

Big Foot were formed in Los Angeles California in 1967 and consisted of Art Munson (guitar, vocals), Virgil Beckham (bass, vocals), Gerard Belisle (trumpet, trombone, vocals), Spencer Earnshaw (drums), David Garland (organ, trumpet, saxophone, vocals). 

Munson had previously been a back-up musician for the Righteous Brothers while the other members played in various groups in and around Orange County. One such group was the Soul Brothers which included Beckham and Belisle who while cruising the Sunset Strip, came up with the name Big Foot, after the ape-like creature that roamed the remote mountain areas of the Pacific Northwest. 

The band played the Los Angeles area which included gigs at the Whisky-A-Go-Go and the Pussy Cat-A-Go-Go in Vegas while entertaining recording contract offers.
by Jack Dominilla

1. I Keep Holding On (Gerard Belisle, Art Munson) - 3:26
2. Colors (Art Munson) - 3:57
3. Sarah Lee (David Garland) - 3:30
4. When Will It Hit Me (Gerard Belisle, David Garland, Virgil Beckham, Spencer Earnshaw) - 3:37
5. Living Again (Art Munson, Gerard Belisle, David Garland, Virgil Beckham) - 3:19
6. Take Me (Gerard Belisle, Art Munson) - 2:26
7. California Lights (Art Munson) - 4:59
8. Bring Another Day (Virgil Beckham) - 3:11
9. Teen Thigh (Art Munson, Spencer Earnshaw) - 2:44
10.Music Maker (Gerard Belisle, Art Munson) - 3:30
11.Let It Flow (Art Munson, Gerard Belisle, David Garland) - 3:21

The Big Foot 
*Art Munson - Guitar, Vocals
*Virgil Beckham - Bass, Vocals
*Gerard Belisle - Trumpet, Trombone, Vocals
*Spencer Earnshaw - Drums
*David Garland - Organ, Trumpet, Saxophone, Vocals

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