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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Sorrows - Take A Heart (1965-67 uk, effective mod freak beat, 2006 double disc edition)

The Sorrows’ roots can be traced back to Coventry (around 1963), where Don Fardon (vocals), Pip Whitcher (lead guitar), Terry Jukes (rhythm guitar), and Philip Packham (bass) played in various local beat groups. While plying their trade in the local night clubs the group was discovered by John Schroeder, Picadilly’s label manager. Their first Picadilly (owned by Pye) single, “I Don’t Want To Be Free/Come With Me,” was an excellent Kinks-like number, full of power chords and tough, soulful vocals. Another quality single leaked out (“Baby”) but success seemed to elude the boys.

It wasn’t until “Take A Heart” that the Sorrows had their big top 20 smash. Originally written by songwriter Miki Dallon and recorded by the Boy Blues, “Take A Heart” for my money, is one of the UK’s greatest rock n roll singles. The song’s arrangement gradually builds up into an explosion of speedy guitar work, charging rhythms, and violent lead vocals (Fardon was a great vocalist). Without question, this 45 is one of the true classics. To capitalize on the single’s success Pye released the Take A Heart LP in December of 1965. The LP is consistently good, featuring originals, a few more tracks written by Miki Dallon and some interesting R&B covers. Standouts include their ferocious take on “Teenage Letter,” the trashy mod pop of “Come With Me,” a couple of strange beat ballads (“How Love Used To Be” and “We Should Get Along Fine”), and a Dylan influenced folk-rocker titled “Don’t Sing No Sad Songs For Me.” Another great cut is their cover of “Let Me In,” a track that rocks really hard and features impressive fretwork. Take A Heart is right up there with the early Stones’ output, the Pretty Things first two LPs, and the Small Faces debut; it’s that good.

The Sorrows released a few more 45s from the lp but none of them made the charts. At this point Fardon decided it was best that he leave the group to pursue a solo career. The Sorrows would soldier on, releasing an excellent early psych 45 in 1967 (“Pink, Purple, Yellow, Red”) and then relocate to Italy. It was around this time that the group cut an LP titled Old Songs, New Songs in 1968. A respectable LP, Old Songs, New Songs was a mixture of group originals and covers of then popular tracks by Traffic, The Small Faces and Family.
by Jason (The Rising Storm)

- The Singles
1. I Don't Wanna Be Free - 2:35
2. Come With Me - 2:35
3. Baby - 2:26
4. Teenage Letter - 2:35
5. Take A Heart - 3:14
6. We Should Get Along Fine - 2:28
7. You've Got What I Want - 1:59
8. No, No, No, No - 2:35
9. Let The Live Live - 2:06
10.Don't Sing No Sad Songs For Me - 2:22
11.Let Me In - 2:47
12.How Love Used To Be - 3:27
13.Pink Purple Yellow Red - 2:48
14.My Gal - 2:48
15.Gonna Find A Cave * - 2:25
16.I Take What I Want * - 2:47
17.Baby All The Time * - 2:30
18.Baby *** - 2:59
19.Nimm Mein Herz (Take A Heart In German) - 3:12
20.Sei War Mein Girl (We Should Get Along Fine In German) - 2:26
21.Mi Si Spezza II Cuore (Take A Heart In Italian) - 3:09
22.Vivi (Baby In Italian) - 2:51
23.Verde, Rosso, Giallo, Blu (Pink, Purple, Yellow, Red In Italian) - 2:50
24.No, No, No, No (In Italian) - 2:33
25.Zabadak - 2:59
26.La Liberta Costa Cara (How Love Used To Be In Italian) - 3:19
27.Hooky ** - 2:28
28.You're Still Mine ** - 2:00
29.Armchair King ** - 2:47
30.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes ** - 2:47
* (unreleased at the time)
** (previously unissued)
*** (previously unissued '66 version)

- 1965 - Take A Heart (The Album)
1. Baby - 2:26
2. No, No, No, No - 2:36
3. Take a Heart - 3:17
4. She's Got The Action - 1:51
5. How Love Used To Be - 3:23
6. Teenage Letter - 2:26
7. I Don't Wanna Be Free - 2:39
8. Don't Sing No Sad Songs For Me - 2:21
9. Cara-Lin - 2:41
10.We Should Get Along Fine - 2:29
11.Come With Me - 1:59
12.Let Me In - 2:46

The Sorrows
*Don Maughn - vocals
*Philip "Pip" Witcher - lead guitar
*Wez Price - rhythm guitar
*Philip Packham - bass guitar
*Bruce Finlay - drums

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