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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Steppenwolf - 7 (1970 canada, classic hard bluesy rock, 2013 japan SHM remaster)

This album benefited greatly from Larry Byrom’s creative surge and contributions from George Biondo (who replaced Nick St. Nicholas on Bass) - . Larry and George had worked together in the group ‘T.I.M.E.” and were not only fine players but also excellent singers. 

We put their vocal talents to good use on the songs “Foggy Mental Breakdown”, “Who Needs Ya” and “Fat Jack” on which George also sang co-lead or solo. Those tracks as well as “Renegade” and “Hippo Stomp” were some of my favorites and featured some of Larry’s finest playing along with Jerry Edmonton’s imaginative arrangement ideas. I found that these tracks stimulated my lyric/melody writing and I was quite pleased with our finished collaboration. 

Since I was busy working on vocal parts for tracks the guys were laying down, I found myself playing guitar only on “40 Days and 40 Nights” and “Snowblind Friend”, however Larry more than picked up the slack in that department. During these sessions, I developed an ear infection and remember doing vocals with one ear out of commission. All in all “7” remains as one of my favorite Wolf albums to this day.

1. Ball Crusher (L. Byrom, J. Kay) - 4:53
2. Forty Days And Forty Nights (B.Roth) - 3:04
3. Fat Jack (L. Byrom, G. Biondo) - 4:52
4. Rengade (L. Byrom, J. Kay) - 6:07
5. Foggy Mental Breakdown (L. Byrom, J. Kay) - 3:54
6. Snow Blind Friend (H.Axton) - 3:55
7. Who Needs Ya (L. Byrom, J. Kay) - 3:00
8. Earschplittenloudenboomer (L.Byrom) - 5:01
9. Hippo Stomp (L.Byrom, J. Kay) - 5:45
10.Screaming Night Hog (John Kay) - 3:18
11.Snow Blind Friend (Mono Single Version) (H.Axton) - 3:20
12.Hipop Stomp (Mono Single Version) (L.Byrom, J. Kay) - 3:22

*John Kay - Guitar, Vocals,   Harmonica
*Larry Byrom - Guitar, Vocals
*Goldy Mcjohn - Keyboards
*George Biondo - Bass, Vocals
*Jerry Edmonton - Drums

1968  Steppenwolf (2013 japan SHM bonus tracks and 2014 SACD)
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1969  At Your Birthday Party (Japan SHM 2013 remaster)
1969  Monster (2013 japan SHM issue)
1970  Live (2013 Japan SHM edition)
1971  For Ladies Only (Japan SHM 2013 remaster)
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