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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Castles In The Sand (1969-70 us, west coast psych)

"One of the first studio sessions by Quicksilver’s then new line-up of Dino Valente (vocals), John Cipollina (guitar), David Freiberg (bass & vocals), Greg Elmore (drums), with the British session pianist Nicky Hopkins. Mainly acoustic, it took place in Corte Madera, California in late 1969/early 1970."

"Most of the songs, a couple of them running for nearly nine minutes each, were never to appear on album, although they featured in the group’s concerts. As well as working on new songs such as 'Subway' and the rarely-performed 'The Fool', the band run through several country, gospel and blues standards that they were familiar with, such as 'I Know You Rider', 'Walk In Jerusalem', Hank Williams' 'May You Never Be Alone' and Cindy Walker's 'Warm Red Wine'."

The booklet's sleeves notes cover the group's circumstances at the time of the recordings and the featured songs.
There's Enough Magic To Go Around. Please Remember That.

1. Senor Blues (Silver) - 6:18
2. Subway (Farrow, Duncan) - 1:43
3. I Know You Rider #1 (Trad arr Cipollina, Valenti, Elmore, Freiberg, Hopkins) - 3:54
4. I Know You Rider #2 (Trad arr Cipollina, Valenti, Elmore, Freiberg, Hopkins) - 4:35
5. Walk In Jerusalem - 2:44
6. Castles In the Sand - 8:32
7. May You Never Be Alone (Williams) - 2:19
8. Warm Red Wine (Walker) - 3:03
9. Look Over Yonder Wall / State Farm - 3:51
10.Wake Up, Dead Man (Part 1) - 5:35
11.Wake Up, Dead Man (Part 2) - 3:31
12.The Fool - 8:51

*John Cipollina - Guitar
*Dino Valente - Vocals
*David Freiberg - Bass, Vocals
*Nicky Hopkins - Piano
*Greg Elmore - Drums

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