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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Glass Family - Electric Band (1969 us, trippy psyhedelic rock with prog drops, 2012 Kismet isssue with extra tracks)

Attempts to get into contemporary songwriting are being fostered here by a newly organized W.B.-Seven Arts writers workshop. Two 16-year-old writers plus a trio of writers/performers called the Glass Family, have been signed to the workshop by Raul Abeyta, recently hired to oversee the workshop effort. Abeyta was formerly a contract writer with the company for three years. 

He now holds the title of general professional manager of special projects, reporting to Billy Sherman, the office's general professional manager. Abeyta has been scouting for writers and artists in the Southern California area. He found the Glass Family on Catalina Island. The group has been to record an LP of its own compositions for W-7 Records. Their compositions will be published by Tamerlane Music. W-7's BM1 firm. Abeyta critiques the new writers works and seeks lo pair composers with lyricists Sherman says the projeci can involve up to 12 persons. 

The workshop primarily functions in the evenings at the publishing company's Hollywood offices where a piano and tape recorder are made available to the fledgling writers. The Adrisi Brothers, who have been with Sherman five years, were originally brought into the Tamerlane fold when Valiant Records was still operating. Valiant was subsequent sold to Warner Bros.
B/brd November 16th 1968

'Astonishingly perceptive album. This is progressive rock, but with variations. House Of Glass hinges on its perceptive lyrics.Sometimes You Wander is melodic, and about as easy listening as you can get. Agorn (Elements Of Complex Variables) is interesting, largely because of the drum work. Very good LP. Highly electronic'
B/brd, February 15th 1969

1. House of Glass - 3:12
2. Born In the U.S.A. - 2:30
3. Once Again - 2:36
4. Sometimes You Wander (Henry'sTune) - 2:59
5. The Means - 4:10
6. Do You Remember? - 3:22
7. I Want To See My Baby (Capilouto, Green, Parrett) - 3:43
8. Lady Blue - 2:48
9. Passage #17 - 2:32
10. Mr. Happy Glee - 2:35
11. Guess I'll Let You Go - 2:44
12. Agorn (Elements of Complex Variables) (Capilouto, Green, Parrett) - 4:12
13. Teenage Rebellion - 1:41
14. David's Rap - 2:05
15. Guess I'll Let You Go (45 Mix) - 2:5
All titles by Ralph Parrett except where noted

Glass Family
*Ralph Parrett – Vocals, Guitar
*David Capiloato – Keyboards, Bass
*Gary Green – Drums Percussion

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