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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Over The Hill - Ratbite Fever (1974 uk, fine country folk rock)

The band was formed initially in Bristol in 1972, to perform original, and melodic material. To begin with, the group was a trio, comprising John, Roy, and Nick Howell.

These three joined Magic Muscle in January 1973, to perform "heavy" music, as an alternative to making no progress, but left in July 1973 to reform Over The Hill as a four-piece, including Peter Roe. This line up rehearsed until Christmas 1973, and played its first gig in Cambridge during January 1974. Drummer Nick Howell left the band in March, and was replaced by Alan Platt.

The Grateful Dead's Robert Hunter worked with the band in 1974, when creating his "Rum Runners" songs, and is actually singing on "Ratbite Fever" (The title track). In 1974, the band produced a complete LP, but it has taken 16 years for real music-lovers to get the opportunity to hear it. SPM is delighted to present on this CD, the complete studio sessions, plus several live tracks, from the fabulous Over The Hill.
by Claus Kriebitzsch, April 1990

Despite the low quality of the studio recordings, the album deserves a closer approach.

1. Ain't It Strange (Roy Sundholm, Peter Roe, John Perry, Alan Platt) - 3:56
2. Karina (Roy Sundholm) - 3:15
3. Ratbite Fever (Roy Sundholm, Peter Roe, John Perry, Alan Platt) - 3:26
4. Milestones (Roy Sundholm) - 4:10
5. The Budgie Song (Peter Roe, John Perry) - 5:16
6. Helena (Roy Sundholm) - 3:57
7. Lay Down By Me (Peter Roe) - 2:12
8. A Change Will Surely Come (Roy Sundholm, Peter Roe, John Perry, Alan Platt) - 3:09
9. Are You There (Peter Roe) - 4:59
10.Stuck In The Groove (Roy Sundholm, Peter Roe, John Perry, Alan Platt) - 4:15
11.Helena (Roy Sundholm) - 3:53
12.Milestones (Roy Sundholm) - 4:06
13.Bring It On Home - 4:11
14.No More Trains - 4:38
15.Baby Let Me Follow You Down - 4:16
16.The Budgie Song (Peter Roe, John Perry) - 7:33
Tracks 11-16 Live recordings

Over The Hill
*Roy Sundholm - Bass
*Peter Roe - Guitar, Vocals
*John Perry - Guitar, Vocals
*Alan Platt - Drums

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