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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Majic Ship - Majic Ship (1970 us, fine hard rock with tinges of psychedelia, Gear Fab issue)

During the late 1960's a band from Brooklyn made it's record debut with a regional chart single titled 'Night Time Music'. Six months later followed with another hit, 'Hummin', the Hayes & Porter penned sexy rock tune with catchy harmonies and licks. But after these 2 radio friendly songs, and counties pro bono dj shows, the band wanted their own uncommercial sound recorded on disk.

This album is 9 original recordings and one Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young medley from their live set, originally recorded and released in 1970 in an extremely limited supply.The 1970 Bel-Ami Majic Ship album hasn't been reissued in its original format since the Afterglow bootleg in 1993. The single one thing positive about bootlegs is that they unintentionally bring long lost relics and gems to the attention of the collectors of this genre of music.

However, the stories behind the bands are as equally important. Our 1997 "Majic Ship: The Complete Recordings" chronicled the story of the typical 1960's garage bands modest beginnings to a surprisingly successful career in the New York Metropolitan area.The 1970 LP represents their musical pinnacle as a garage band turned pop band and then into something mixing hard rock with tinges of psychedelia. It truly was their masterpiece!

When the band lost all their equipment on that cold wintry day in 1971, Majic Ship, as a band, effectively broke up. But as you will see in the not so distant future, Majic Ship would spawn other musical efforts such as Fox and North wind. More would be heard from all of them!!
by Roger Maglio

1. Sioux City Blues (Polimeni, Garrigan) - 3:01
2. Wednesday Morning Dew (Nikosey, Garrigan) - 3:07
3. Life's Lonely Road (Nikosey, Garrigan) - 2:51
4. We Gotta Live On (Riozzi) - 3:18
5. Where Are We Going (Nikosey) - 2:35
6. Free (Polimeni, Garrigan) - 4:20
7. Down By The River-What It's Worth (Young, Stills) -10:54
8. Night Mare (Polimeni, Nikosey) - 2:40
9. Too Much (Polimeni, Garrigan, Buckman) - 3:38
10.Cosmo's Theme (Riozzi) - 3:45

Majic Ship
*Gus (Cosmo) Riozzi - Bass, Organ, Vocals
*Rob Buckman - Drums
*Philip Polimeni - Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
*Mike Garrigan - Vocals
*Tommy Nikosey - Rhythm, Acoustic Guitar

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costan said...

The link is dead.. will you repost it please. Thanx, Costan

Marios said...

Hi Costan,
check here for The Complete Recordings:

costan said...

Found it.. many thanx, Costan

Unknown said...

Can I have some more information about their future projects? Thanks.

MajicShip said...

Does anyone know how many copies of the original album were pressed and sold? Just curious as i am lucky to have one!