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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Crack - Day Of Doom (1976 us, hard rock mixed with prog, psych some jazzy tunes, Radiocative edition)

A really good Hard Rock album this is boasting high production values throughout and apart from its rocking 12-bar opener, features some of the best hard rock psych you're likely to hear, with some outstanding flute in the Ian Anderson style and some fine synth work augmented by some strong piano and accompanying strings. Many tracks feature some decidedly jazzy interludes. 

1. Early Riser - 4:17
2. The Sailor Song - 6:14
3. Evil and Cruel - 5:31
4. Day of Doom - 4:54
5. Andrea - 2:21
6. Earth - 4:06
7. Me and My Momma - 2:37
8. The Brighter Side - 3:08

*Andrea Borega - Lead Vocals, Synthesizer, Percussion,
*Darryl Kaye - Backing Vocals, Flute, Guitar, Bass, Harp

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