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Monday, August 1, 2022

Illusion - Illusion (1974 us, fantastic folk soft rock, 2012 korean remaster)

Wendell Ing was raised as a classical pianist, then began playing in bands in the early 70's, notably Small Time Leroy, a blues band out of Brooklyn,  Illusion, a folk rock group in Honolulu which made famous his environmental protest song "The Lake", and Hawaiian pop group Cecilio & Kapono (who recorded Ing's "Easy On My Mind").

Illusion recorded only one selftitled album, released through Sinergia record label. A pretty mix of soft country and folk rock with jazz and clasical elements and beautiful harmony. Ing currently teaches music at Hilo High School in Hilo, Hawaii where he directs the Ambassadors, singing group of Hilo High, teaches music classes and waves a baton around for the yearly musicals by PALC, the Hawaii Performing Arts Learning Center. 

1. The Lake (Wendell Ing) - 6:33
2. Travelin` Bones (Wendell Ing) - 4:04
3. Let Them Be (Hank Leandro) - 3:32
4. Not Yet (Hank Leandro) - 5:30
5. Drafted (Hank Leandro) - 5:32
6. Gone, Gone, Gone (Wendell Ing) - 4:43
7. Unknown Faces (Hank Leandro) - 5:19
8. Two Faced Boogie (Wendell Ing) - 4:20

*Wendell Ing - Piano, Clavinet 
*Hank Leandro - Acoustic Guitar 
*Denny Maeda - Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar 
*Butch O'Sullivan - Bass 
*Gregg Nutt - Drums