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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Triangle - Now How Blue Cow (1969 us, fascinating blue collar cream western blues rock, 2012 issue)

The Triangle  came together in El Paso, Texas and fused a good sound. Good enough to take to LA so they brought it with them when they came. They brought it to the Galaxy on the Sunset Stnp.

I was the guitar player/vocalist on the Triangle album and it was a remarkable outing. It got a five star rating in Billboard in June 1969 (Neil Young got four and a half), but was never supported with quantities or promotion.

I spelled my name at the time Carelli for simplicity. The drummer, Ty Grimes went on to play for Ricky Nelson and left the group right before the plane crash that killed all members.

The bass player went on to engineer/produce many hits including "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Leo Sayer hits. The Triangle album was also co-produced by Chris Huston, an Englishman who produced some Led Zeppelin albums."
by Michael Carelli 

1. Music Music (T. Grimes) - 2:48
2. 99 1/2 (Picket, Cropper, Flody) - 2:54
3. Torn  Down (T. Grimes) - 3:41
4. Now She's Gone (Daniels, Fuller) - 2:24
5. Short Stuff (T. Grimes) - 1:59
6. Stop Leading Me On (T. Grimes) - 3:18
7. Magic Touch (T. Daryll) - 3:01
8. Lucille (Penniman, Colllins) - 2:22
9. Love Me Thru The Night (T. Grimes) - 4.48
10.Try Harder (T. Grimes) - 2:34
11.Rolling Stone (T. Grimes) - 2:51

The Triangle
*Michael “Chick” Carelli – Vocals,  Guitar
*Ty Grimes - Drums
*Howard J. Steel II - Bass

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