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Friday, October 21, 2011

Erik Heller - Look Where I Am (1968 us, sweet hippie psych folk rock)

Circa 1967 signed and recorded for Vanguard Records, the previously and subsequently unknown hippy folk singer, Erik, whose sole musical offering, 1968's Look Where I Am (VRS9267) remains one of the label's undiscovered gems.

The 11 tracks on Look Where I Am cover the full range of psych/acid folk, from the strong opening track, with its multi-instrumental backdrop of flute, vibes, horns and bells, to the voice-and-guitar of 'Why Come Another Day' to the heavy fuzz guitar of 'You Said/But I've Got My Way'. There's even a long, soulful Davis-esque muted trumpet passage on 'Lights Across The Field'. The album has a dreamy, almost wistful Donavan-like feel, with tons of acoustic guitar and ethereal flutes.

1. Look Where I Am (Well It's Right Over Here) - 3:55
2. Painted On The Wall - 2:45
3. Dead Afternoon Song - 3:20
4. Be Off Man - 2:11
5. Why Come Anotherday - 3:13
6. You Said But I've Got My Way - 5:51
7. Lights Across The Field, Bright Lights Across The Field Too - 2:49
8. Sweet Eyes Of - 4:36
9. Georgeann - 3:48
10. Untitled Number 2 - 4:51
11. Trymphant Breaking Bottle - 4:33
Words and music by Erik Heller.

Erik Heller - Guitars, Vocals

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mscmichael said...

Never heard of this artist before. The clip sounds interesting. Many thanks...

Anonymous said...

So many artists I never heard of on Radioavtive. Most of their releases were private press albums. Sorry to see them go. Thank you Marios.

JeanBernardFrance said...

Thanks for this beautiful and delicate album.
I think Radioactive was certainly a bootleg label but how much rare albums issued on cd by them.

buzzie said...

Brilliant as always, can't wait to hear. I don't think much of all that bootleg things about Radioactive, they're doing a nice job anyway, IMHO. Thanks a lot Marios!

merryprankster said...

Didn't have a clue that this album was ever released on cd.
Thanks for the wonderful post Marios.

ComadrejaPep said...

Thank you very much for this album friend.

adamus67 said...

Here’s another obscurity released on the Vanguard label in 1968, Erik Heller’s “Look Where I Am”, which is a nice mixture of folk/psycho remains one of the not undiscovered gems for me... Marios,thanks a lot

trismegistos said...

Ευχαριστώ Μάριε.

Anonymous said...

oldfuzzface says"I've never heard this before,but it sounds interesting"thanks for sharing Marios

Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities said...

many thanks, I have in your blog in 2015.
the arranger in the wonderful fol jazz album is Ed Bland ( info scans )( Other important works of this arranger in funk albums,jazz,fusion )

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Please make this music available again, thank you Marios.

Marios said...

Unknown, "Erik Heller", is ..back...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Marios for uploading this music again.