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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Atlee - Flying Ahead (1970 us, raw hard boogie rock, 2007 remaster edition)

Atlee, where a hard-driving quartet, with powerful initial entry here, an album that really moves. Atlee Yeager and his associates overpower their material vocally and instrumentally.

Each side begins with a big one ("Rip You Up" and "Let's Make Love"), but there's much more here. "Dirty Old Man" and "Swamp Rhythm" are among the other good cuts. All the material here was written by Yeager.

1. Rip You Up - 4:21
2. Swamp Rhythm - 3:51
3. Painted Ladies - 4:05
4. Jesus People - 5:06
5. Let's Make Love - 5:58
6. Will Get Together (Atlee Yeager, Michael Stevens) - 2:53
7. Dirty Old Man (Atlee Yeager, Michael Stevens, Bruce Schaffer, Don Francisco) - 5:19
8. Is not That The Way - 3:40
9. Dirty Sheets - 4:01
All tracks by Atlee Yeager except where noted.

*Atlee Yeager - Bass, Lead Vocals
*Don Francisco - Drums, Vocals
*Michael Stevens - Guitar, Vocals
*Bruce Schaffer - Keyboards, Vocals