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Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Bossmen - Personally Yours The Complete Anthology (1965-66 us, fantastic garage beat psych, 2014 release)

A treasure trove of rare mid 60s garage rock from the state of Michigan – the complete anthology of local legends The Bossmen! MI was soon to become a breeding ground for some of the most revolutionary rock of the 60s – and while The Bossmen aren't best remembered rockers of the region all these decades later – they really helped lay the groundwork! There's a raw edge, but a melodic style here that's quintessential 60s rock, if you ask us. Guitarist Dick Wagner would go on to play with fellow Michigan rock trailblazer Alice Cooper and other legends, but this earlier work with The Bossmen is really solid, and sounds great all these years later.
Dusty Groove

“I look back on the days of The Bossmen with a sort of reverence. These were my first days of recording my own original songs, entering the concert scene and learning the basic trials of making it in the music business. I get chills even today just thinking back on the two or three block line that formed every time we played our home town venue, Daniel’s Den. The Bossmen were the heroes and purveyors of the primal Rock energy for that angelic group of screaming youth. MAN… those were the days!” —Your Boss man, Dick Wagner
Dick Wagner (R.I.P. December 14, 1942 – July 30, 2014)

1. Take A Look - 1:58
2. It's A Shame - 2:39
3. Thanks To You - 2:44
4. Help Me Baby - 2:47
5. Here's Congratulations - 2:50
6. Bad Girl - 2:27
7. Wait And See - 2:46
8. You're The Girl For Me - 2:04
9. On The Road - 2:45
10.Tina Maria - 2:41
11.Baby Boy - 2:11
12.You And I - 2:08
13.Rainy Day - 2:59
14.Sunshine - 3:16
15.Little Girl - 2:25
16.Easy Way Out - 2:14
17.I Cannot Stop You - 2:44
18.Listen My Girl - 2:30

The Bossmen
*Dick Wagner - Lead Guitar, Vocals
*Lanny Roenicke - Bass Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet
*Warren Keith - Piano, Vocals
*Pete Woodman - Drums

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