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Friday, January 1, 2021

Willie And The Red Rubber Band - We're Comin' Up (1969 us, awesome r 'n' b garage psych, original Vinyl)

Texas band, lead by Willie Redden and released two albums in the late 60's. This is their second effort "We're Comin' Up" saw the light of the day in 1969. A really pleasant trip with roots n' roll and blues to psych sunshine pop, influenced by Ray Charles, Muddy Waters, Buddy Holly among the others.

Way down deep roots, bare feet on warm earth - warm spreading, comin' up filling the vessel, gotta come out, come up and sounding like the Blues. Roots down deep in the soil of West Texas, the Blues lives there, is the soil, the warm earth, endless sky. Tapping the roots is all, filling the vessel.

1. Show Me (Willie Redden) - 3:04
2. Last Letter From Mary (Charles Addington) - 2:58
3. Deep Eyes Of Darkness (Smith, Rhodes, Willie Redden) - 2:55
4. L.A. T-H-E Man (Willie Redden) - 2:40
5. Try A New Day On (Willie Redden, Glen Ballard) - 2:4?
6. We're Comin' Up (Willie Redden) - 2:50
7. Watch Out Fool Self (Glen Ballard) - 2:47
8. San Luis Way - Back In '38 (Willie Redden) - 3:09
9. Everytime, And I Get Th' Blues (Willie Redden) - 3:28
10.Daddy, I Think I'm Going Blind (Willie Redden) - 2:28
11.Chicky-Chicky Boom Boom (Willie Redden, Charles Addington, Andrews Jr) - 2:10

Willie And The Red Rubber Band
*Willie Redden - Vocal, Guitar
*Glen Ballard - Guitar, Bass
*Charles Addington - Organ, Piano, Cello
*Conley Bradford - Drums
*Lanny Fiel - Guitar
*John Buck Wilken - Guitar
*Begie Chruser - Piano