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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Unspoken Word - The Unspoken Word (1970 us, splendid psych blues rock, Wounded Bird edition)

Largely unknown group from Long Island, New York. After their debut that could be described as folk rock with a psychedelic edge, the 2nd record is definitively more rock/blues orientated.

The harmonies of Dede Puma and guitarist Zenya Stashuk still sport a Jefferson Airplane-style vocal blend, and R’n’B-flavored sound of Pacific Gas and Electric. Puma's vocals lean closer to the cool, vibratoless style of Grace Slick than the soul/blues ululations of Janis Joplin. The guitar and organ riffs often bear a distortion-laden crunch that nods to the burgeoning hard rock scene of the time. Nevertheless, the things that served the band in good stead on its first album - strong harmonies, tight playing, and a solid sense of structure - still shine through here.

1. Pillow - 2:42
2. Sleeping Prophet - 3:04
3. Put Me Down - 2:34
4. Personal Manager (Albert King, David Porter) - 9:40
5. Reincarnation (Chuck Berry) - 1:49
6. Sleepy Mountain Ecstacy - 4:02
7. I Don't Need No Music - 2:44
8. Little Song - 2:28
9. Healthy, Wealthy And Wise - 2:38
10.Around And Around - 5:19
11.Morning - 1:50
All songs by Granlegede Bupumacstasin except where noted

The Unspoken Word 
Zenya Stashuk - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Dede Puma - Vocals
Greg Buis - Bass,  Vocals
Les Singer - Drums
Angus Macmaster - Keyboards

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