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Friday, August 13, 2010

Camel - Camel (1973 uk, remarkable progressive rock, remastered with bonus tracks)

Their self-titled debut was a quite rough and unpolished product, but it still featured the two first classic Camel-tracks with the beautiful "Mystic Queen" and the catchy "Never Let Go".

Both tracks demonstrated the group's ability to write very strong vocal-melodies combined with lengthy and tasty instrumental-passages."Never Let Go" also featured one of the few examples recorded of a mellotron-solo.

"Separation" and the opener "Slow Yourself Down" are both harder rock tracks where the latter one is the most complex and progressive, featuring some excellent solos from Latimer and Bardens.There are also two pure instrumental-numbers here with the jazzy "Six Ate" and the energetic "Arubaluba".

The energy on the latter one may sounds a bit forced, but it still demonstrated well what a tight unit Camel were. Overall, a promising, exciting and interesting debut 

1. Slow Yourself Down (Latimer, Ward) - 4:47
2. Mystic Queen (Bardens) - 5:40
3. Six Ate (Latimer) - 6:06
4. Separation (Latimer) - 3:57
5. Never Let Go (Latimer) - 6:26
6. Curiosity (Bardens) - 5:55
7. Arubaluba (Bardens) - 6:28
8. Never Let Go (Single Version) 3:36
9. Homage to the God of Light (Recorded Live at The Marquee Club) - 19:01

*Andrew Latimer - Guitar, Vocals
*Peter Bardens - Keyboards, Vocals
*Doug Ferguson - Bass, Vocals
*Andy Ward - Drums, Percussion

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