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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lighthouse - Suite Feeling (1969 canada, exceptional jazz brass jam rock, 2010 korean remaster)

A great title for this one – given that the album's got a full, spacious sound – one that definitely lives up to the "suite feeling" you'd expect! The style here is even more sophisticated than on the group's debut – still a mix of jazzy horns and rockish rhythms, but fused together even more perfectly – but with a leanness that's a good contrast to some of the more overblown groups of the same generation! 

There's just the right balance here to allow some standout solos – on horns, natch, but also some sweet Hammond too – and a young Howard Shore is also in the group on alto sax, and handled some of the arrangments for the record. Titles inlcude a great version of "A Day In The Life" – plus originals "Taking A Walk", "Could You Be Concerned", "Chest Fever", "Feel So Good", "Places On Faces Four Blue Carpet Traces", and "What Sense"

1. Chest Fever (Robbie Robertson) - 5:02
2. Feel So Good (Grant Fullerton, Paul Hoffert, Skip Prokop) - 2:59
3. Places On Faces Four Blue Carpet Traces (Grant Fullerton, Paul Hoffert, Ralph Cole, Skip Prokop) - 10:51
4. Could You Be Concerned (Paul Hoffert, Skip Prokop) - 4:16
5. Presents Of Presence (Paul Hoffert, Skip Prokop) - 3:52
6. Taking A Walk (Paul Hoffert, Skip Prokop) - 4:37
7. Eight Loaves Of Bread (Paul Hoffert, Skip Prokop) - 3:31
8. What Sense (Paul Hoffert, Skip Prokop) - 3:31
9. A Day In The Life (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - 6:19

*Skip Prokop - Leader, Drums, Vocals
*Paul Hoffert - Keyboards, Vibes
*Ralph Cole - Guitar, Vocals
*Grant Fullerton - Bass, Vocals
*Pinky Dauvin - Lead Vocals
*Paul Armin - Violin
*Don DiNovo - Violin, Viola
*Myron Moskalyk - Violin
*Leslie Schneider - Cello
*Paul Adamson - Trumpet
*Bruce Cassidy - Trumpet
*Howard Shore - Alto Sax, Flute
*Russ Little - Trombone
*Dick Armin - Violin

1969  Lighthouse (2012 extra tracks edition)
1971  One Fine Morning
1972  Sunny Days (2008 RDI issue)
1973  Can You Feel It?  (2008 RDI issue)
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