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Friday, July 2, 2021

Hope - Hope (1972 us, magnificent spiritual art rock with prog touches, 2008 remaster)

Hope was a Christian rock group from LaCrosse, Wisconsin who released an album and three singles. They posses a diversity of really good material and styles, which range from subdued vocal to gentle styling. Instrumentally they exhibit great dexterity and skill which should aid them in finding a place in the hearts of the audience.

Hope's  album released 1972, the line up was Wayne C. McKibbin vocals, guitar, Jim Croegaert vocals, piano, Boyd Sibley vocals, organ, David A. Klug vocals, bass and the drummer Jeff Cozy. Good time music, some of the best cuts include "Where Do You Want To Go" and "Valley Of Hope". The lyrics  implies that this is a spritual trip (Jesus Rock).

Wayne McKibbin, was an accomplished artist, photographer, singer and musician. He played in several bands except Hope, including Jerry Way and the Pacemakers, the Silvertones, the Jesters Three.  Wayne C. McKibbin, died on July 4, 2005, at the age 59, in Three Rivers, California, on his home following a courageous battle with cancer.

1. Where Do You Want To Go (Wayne C. McKibbin) - 3:44
2. One Man (Boyd Sibley) - 4:47
3. Find Him (Wayne C. McKibbin) - 4:10
4. Deliverance (Jim Croegaert) - 4:20
5. From Thy Father's Hand (Boyd Sibley) - 5:06
6. Walkin' Over Hills And Valleys (Wayne C. McKibbin) - 4:02
7. One Of These (Jim Croegaert) - 3:31
8. Little Things (David A. Klug) - 3:05
9. Valley Of Hope (Boyd Sibley) - 2:48
10.Cold Morning (Jim Croegaert) - 4:03
11.Everyone Needs (Wayne C. McKibbin) - 4:06

*Jim Croegaert - Vocals, Piano
*Boyd Sibley - Vocals, Organ
*Jeff Cozy - Vocals, Drums
*David A. Klug - Vocals, Bass
*Wayne C. McKibbin - Vocals, Guitar
*Harvey Shapiro - Cello
*Lucien Schmit - Cello
*Homer Mensch - Double Bass
*Russ Savakus - Double Bass
*Alan Rubin - Trumpet, Flugelhorn 
*Joe Ferrante - Trumpet, Flugelhorn 
*Irvin Markowitz - Trumpet, Flugelhorn 
*Raymond Crisara - Trumpet, Flugelhorn 
*Henry Pakaln - Viola 
*Richard Dickler - Viola 
*Arnold Eidus - Violin
*Bernard Eichen - Violin 
*David Nadien - Violin
*Harold Coletta - Violin 
*Harold Kohon - Violin 
*Max Ellen - Violin 
*Tosha Samaroff - Violin