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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jim Sullivan - Jim Sullivan (1972 us, fascinating swamp folk rock, 2011 korean edition)

Sullivan’s second, self-titled and final essay was released in 1972 and hosted by Hugh Heffner’s record label “Playboy”. Three years after U.F.O., Sullivan began his new musical adventure exactly where he stopped.  To be precise he rerecorded and included two songs from his first album “Sandman” and “Plain to See” –each one was the final track on every LP side-. 

Rough folk blues mixed with brass jazz tunes and a hard (cry baby) guitar rockin’, named “Tom Cat”. Travelling from smoothness to sharpness, like riding a beautiful wild horse in a harsh country,  with an edged blade cutting the desert’s silence. 

1. Don't Let It Throw You - 3:14
2. Sonny Jim - 3:11
3. Tea Leaves 3:18
4. Biblical Boogie (True He's Gone) - 3:36
5. Lonesome Picker (John Stewart) - 3:09
6. Sandman - 2:45
7. Tom Cat - 3:10
8. You Show Me The Way To Go (Ronald Bertram Greaves, Jonathan Rowlands) - 3:32
9. Amos - 4:31
10.I'll Be Here - 2:26
11.Plain To See - 4:09
Words and Music by Jim Sullivan except where indicated

*Jim Sullivan - Vocals, Guitar, Strings Arrangement
*David Cohen - Guitar, Banjo
*Jim Hughart - Bass
*Allen Reuss - Bouzouki
*Gene Estes - Percussion
*Colin Bailey - Percussion
*Mike Melvoin - Piano

1969  Jim Sullivan - U.F.O. (2010 issue)

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