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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sunnyboys - This Is Real (1980-84 aussie, outstanding guitar rock, garage psych revival, double disc edition with ureleased material)

One of Australia's finest bands, the Sunnyboys performing at any number of pubs, clubs or festivals in their home country during the early eighties was to experience great live acts. From their debut in Sydney on August 15th 1980, supporting inner-city faves The Lipstick Killers, right through to their final headline performance on December 24th 1984, they oozed passion, energy, charisma and sweat. Lots of sweat. 'Hi-energy' and 'dance' were the expressions typically used to describe their shows, long before those terms were hijacked and applied to completely different musical genres. Night after night, venue after venue, the band left a writhing mass of sweat-soaked, deliriously happy bodies.

In frontman and guitarist Jeremy Oxley, they had a songsmith to equal the Easybeats' Vanda & Young before him and silverchair's Daniel Johns after him. Backed by a stellar band that included his brother Peter Oxley on bass, Peter's school friend Bil Bilson on drums and Richard Burgman on guitar, Jeremy delivered passionate, concise pop-rock songs that perfectly captured the feelings and thoughts of youth and young adults all over the country. They were Jeremy's songs all right, but the band was very much the sum of its considerable parts, ruling the roost in inner city Sydney as well as throughout much of greater regional Australia.

Along the way, the Sunnyboys produced a tidy sum of classic singles, including the top forty hits Happy Man, Alone With You, You Need A Friend and the controversial Show Me Some Discipline. What was more astonishing perhaps was the quality of the b-sides. Culled for the most part from their first album sessions, songs like Guts of Iron and Stop & Think were A-sides in anyone else's language, but for Jeremy, whose gift was in full flood, they were just more seemingly effortless 'dance' tracks that didn't make the cut.

This Is Real is the definitive Sunnyboys release. A 2CD set that for the first time brings together all those classic single A&B sides plus a selection of rare and previously unreleased studio tracks plus a full live CD drawn from three radio broadcasts in the band's peak years of 1981 - 1982 plus a full 36 page full colour booklet.

Disc-1 Singles A'n'B, Rare and Unreleased
Includes all four tracks issued on their debut self-titled EP in December 1980,  Every single they ever issued from Happy Man to Comes As No Surprise. All original single versions. No album versions. All the single B-sides, many taken from the classic first album recording sessions. All these are on CD for the very first time and include live favourites Stop & Think, Guts Of Iron and Pain The ultra rare Tell Me What You Say taken from the limited edition vinyl version of their debut album plus an alternate mix of first album favourite My Only Friend

Disc-2Live 1981 - 1982
A full 21 song, 70 minute set drawn from three high quality radio broadcasts. Live at Bombay Rock, Melbourne for EON FM in January 1981. Live at the Governors Pleasures Tavern, Sydney for Triple J FM in February 1981. Live at the Family Inn, Sydney for Triple J FM in February 1982. Plus a cover of the Beatles' Birthday taken from the Mushroom Evolution Concert at the Myer Music Bowl in January 1982.
Only four of the twenty ones songs have been released before and only one of those on CD.

As with the previous Feel Presents release Tales From the Australian Underground, This is Real will be accompanied by a 36 page full colour booklet including rare photos, poster and handbill art as well as a 10,000+ word biography. This biography outlines in full detail the band's rapid rise from their first show on August 15th 1980, their signing to Mushroom Records in February 1981, the platinum success of their debut album and the consequent struggle and pressures faced by the band as the demands for more and more hits and success brought them to a close of business in December 1984. For the very time also, the full story of singer, songwriter, guitarist, Jeremy Oxley's tragic struggle with schizophrenia is disclosed. A read worthy of a book in its own right.

1. Love to Rule - 4:13
2. Stop & Think - 2:21
3. To the Bone - 2:14
4. The Seeker - 3:44
5. What You Need - 3:32
6. Tomorrow Will Be Fine - 2:12
7. Happy Man - 3:00
8. Alone With You - 4:00
9. Guts of Iron - 3:51
10. Physical Jerk - 2:51
11. My Only Friend - 3:27
12. Tell Me What You Say - 3:43
13. You Need A Friend - 4:18
14. No Love Around - 3:24
15. This Is Real - 3:39
16. Pain - 3:00
17. Show Me Some Discipline - 3:10
18. Love in A Box - 3:16
19. Comes As No Surprise - 3:55
20. Bottom Of My Heart - 3:21
21. You Need A Friend - 1:33

1. Why Do I Cry (B Tashian) - 3:07
2. Guts Of Iron - 3:37
3. Love to Rule - 3:59
4. Strategy Idol - 2:43
5. Tomorrow Will Be Fine - 2:20
6. My Only Friend - 3:20
7. Alone With You - 3:39
8. What You Need - 3:24
9. I'm Shakin' - 4:25
10. Tunnel Of Love - 3:03
11. I Don't Want You - 2:38
12. Happy Man - 2:56
13. I Can't Talk to You - 2:37
14. The Seeker - 3:36
15. I Want to Be Alone - 2:55
16. Let You Go - 4:59
17. Thrill (J Oxley, P Oxley) - 3:22
18. I'm No Satisfied (J Oxley, P Oxley) - 3:48
19. Trouble in My Brain - 4:11
20. You Need A Friend - 3:42
21. Birthday (Lennon, McCartney) - 2:15
All songs by Jeremy Oxley except otherwise.

The Sunnyboys
*Jeremy Oxley - Guitar, Vocals
*Peter Oxley - Bass
*Richard Burgman - Guitar
*Bill Bilson - Drums

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