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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Peter Kelley - Dealin’ Blues (1971 us, fantastic folk blues psych rock, 2020 korean remaster)

East Coast singer-songwriter Peter Kelley made two superb albums. His second effort "Dealin' Blues" is an acoustic blues with an outlaw vibe and some surprising and effective use of moog., An atmospheric blend of bluesy downer folk and psychedelia.

Quietude and an unvarnished approach sistinguish this set of twelve blues oriented songs. Kelly writes all of his material and sings in a very straight forward fashion which is effective. Presence of moog synthesizers on several cuts does much to enhance the proceedings and "Death Is Not A Sad Word" and "I Been Told" are among the highlights of the album.

1. Dealin’ Blues - 3:47
2. Inspiration - 2:36
3. Time In Between - 2:13
4. He Could Never Feel - 2:16
5. Death Is Not A Sad Word - 2:18
6. I Been Told - 2:38
7. Circle Of Her Magic - 2:43
8. The Ultimate Game - 2:35
9. Turning Gold - 3:06
10.Don’t Turn Around - 2:22
11.Heather - 4:08
12.Brand New Man - 2:20
Lyrics and Music by Peter Kelley

*Peter Kelley - Guitar, Vocals 
*Peter Brittain - Guitar
*Malcolm Cecil - Moog Synthesizer 
*George Devens - Congas, Percussion, Vibraphone 
*John Lehr - Guitar
*Lynas - Harp
*Robert Margouleff - Moog Synthesizer
*Jack Nailon - Bass, Background Vocals
*Mark Pines - Guitar