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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Ghost - When You're Dead ..One Second (1970 uk, super heavy psych rock with some folk shades, 2005 digipak remaster)

The Ghost LP is one of the most fabulous UK psych/prog albums. This Birmingham band featured guitarist Paul Eastment, previously in The Velvett Fogg. The album, originally released back in 1970 on the Gemini label in the UK and in 1971 on Exit/Ekipo records in Spain, is one step ahead psychedelia entering the realm of prog music, yet retaining an atmospheric mind expanding feel through it all. 

Loads of Hammond organ swirls, pyrotechnical guitar licks, beautiful accoustic guitar parts, and above it all killer vocal arrangements. The lead-off track, "When You're Dead," is the most effective and famous (at least in the world of psychedelic collectordom) cut. Lead singer Paul Eastment sounds much like Family's Roger Chapman, but even creepier (and more ostentatious), as the group vamp around a skin-crawling riff, anchored by an almost garagey shrill organ. 

Yet the second song, "Hearts and Flowers," could almost be the work of an entirely different outfit, with the band's other lead singer, Shirley Kent, shining on a pretty folk tune reminiscent of some of Fairport Convention's most precious early numbers (Shirley would later move on to record the "Fresh Out" LP as Virginia Tree). Top quality remastered sound, an impressing addition to your psych prog collection!  

1. When You're Dead (Paul Eastment, Paul Keatley)  - 4:25
2. Hearts And Flowers (Shirley Kent)  - 2:54
3. In Heaven (Terry Guy) - 3:21
4. Time Is My Enemy (Shirley Kent) - 4:06
5. Too Late To Cry (Paul Eastment, Paul Keatley)  - 5:04
6. For One Second (Terry Guy)  - 5:25
7. Night Of The Warlock (Paul EastmentTerry Guy) - 4:22
8. Indian Maid (Terry Guy) - 4:21
9. My Castle Has Fallen (Paul Eastment) - 2:57
10.The Storm (Paul Eastment, Paul Keatley) - 3:36
11.Me And My Loved Ones (Terry Guy) - 4:09
12.I'Ve Got To Get To Know You (Shirley Kent) - 4:02

The Ghost
*Daniel MacGuire - Bass Guitar
*Charlie Grima - Drums, Percussion
*Paul Eastment - Lead Guitar
*Terry Guy - Organ, Piano
*Shirley Kent - Vocals

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