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Friday, February 2, 2018

Goliath - Goliath (1970 us, astonishing hard classic rock, 2009 remix and mastered)

Goliath was formed in 1969 when the Sons of Sound, Kicks and the XL's dissolved. The only problem was that there were 3 bass players, so one became the guitar play and the other a head shaking, screaming banshee front man (Charlie hope your ok with this, didn't mention sticking your head in the bass drum) The first incarnation was Steve Peters, drums, Bill Peters, bass, Ted Bennett, Hammond Organ, George "Charlie" Egy, front man, and George Phelps, guitar.

In a matter of a few months Ted left us and Paul "Doug" (the Golden Throat) Mason joined us on the Hammond B3. This was the line up that was involved with the songs on this CD. I must note with exception the guitar playing and singing on the version of Kentucky Roads was Joe Adams and Jim Kitchen. I swear there used to be another but I am getting old and I do like the song, though this version is a bit poppy for me.

We referred to ourselves as a run and jump band, the idea was that if we were very active and wild on stage no one would notice the lack of talent. I know...speak for yourself and I am, since I was just learning to ptay lead guitar. The truth of the matter was there were a few of us that thought it was a good idea to chug a bottle of Boones Farm before going on stage and believe me that loosened you up. That wasn't really mformaldehyde was it?

It was a lot of fun for me to listen to this CD, brought back found memories of growing up in the Midwest. I can't think about Goliath with out mentioning the farm where we practiced and partied, the old Cadillac we kept running with STP and Hank Cordell wherever you are. I have to thank Steve Peters; he taught me a lot about playing guitar, professionalism, showmanship and the finer art of Euker.

Doug, Charlie and I left and joined the Carnations which became Raven, We had a great time working with the outstanding horn section and I have to say those years were our most prolific in writing and performing of our careers. Doug and I still to this day get together and play and it is my fault not as often as we like. Charlie made it down to Atlanta from Detroit last year for a Raven reunion; sadly this year's reunion was postponed to illness.

The Peters brothers kept Goliath going through the 70's, notable players with them being Dave Graham, Joe Adams, Bob, Harris, Paul Bays, Frenchy Massinon, Dave Wood and Jim Kitchen. I am probably leaving some out for which I apologize.

I could go on reminiscing but it is probably more of a rambling, so enjoy the record and hopefully you will end up in a pile on the floor as we did at the end of our show.
by George Phelps, August 2009

1. Taking Back Roads (Steve Peters) - 3:02
2. Chessboard Kings (Steve Peters, Paul "Doug" Mason) - 2:49
3. I Feel Like I'm Gonna Die (George "Charlie" Egy III) - 2:33
4. Kwak (George Phelps, Paul "Doug" Mason) - 6:19
5. Sunny Days (Paul "Doug" Mason) - 3:04
6. Kentucky Roads (George "Charlie" Egylll) - 3:00
7. Innocence Of My Mind (Steve Peters) - 3:04
8. In the Summertime (Paul "Doug" Mason) - 2:52
9. I Think It's Kind Of Nice (Steve Peters) - 2:32
10.Mother Rat (Steve Peters) - 2:32
11.Words (Paul "Doug" Mason) - 2:55
12.It's Your Land (Steve Peters) - 2:30

The Goliath
*Steve Peters - Drums
*Bill Peters - Bass
*Paul "Doug"  Mason - Hammond B3
*George Phelps - Guitar
*George "Charlie" Egy - Vocals
*Joe Adams - Guitar (Track 6)
*Jim Kitchen - Vocals (Track 6)

1972  Goliath - Hot Rock And Thunder 
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