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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lutha - Stop! The Music Is Over (1972-73 new zealand, amazing classic groovy rock, 2006 remaster)

This is a compilation of Lutha's two albums, fleshed out with three live tracks. Lutha was formed in Dunedin in 1970 and signed to HMV in 1972 producing their albums 'Lutha' and 'Earth' that year. They were initially insistent on remaining Dunedin-based, even after attracting considerable national interest, but eventually moved to Christchurch before they amicably broke up in 1974. The band line-up consisted of: Graham Wardrop (guitar/lead vocals), Garry McAlpine (lead vocals/percussion), Peter Edmonds (drums/vocals), Peter Fraser (bass guitar/vocals) and Kevin Foster (keyboards). 

Their sound could overall be described as melodic progressive rock, like early Genesis or Yes, but with lush vocal harmonies throughout. There is a great variety of music, between Wardrop's 'McCartney-esque' numbers (soft and melodic, in the vein of The Beatles) and McAlpine's rockier style (possibly a precursor to stars such as Jimmy Barnes). McAlpine's vocals are truly remarkable - he could have fronted any of the
hugely popular heavy rock acts of the '70s with his unique talent. 

The original members of Lutha have recently announced that they will reform for a concert in Dunedin during the inaugural Dunedin Heritage Festival in March. 'Stop!' was remastered at Stebbing Recording Centre by Simon Lynch and is highly recommended. 
by Peter Dent

1. Then I Saw A Face (Graham Wardrop) - 3:30
2. Sun Song (Anaximander Rambling) (G. McAlpine, G. Spittle) - 3:52
3. I Really Only Want To Be With You (Graham Wardrop) - 2:31
4. Andrianna (Graham Wardrop) - 2:12
5. Mountain Side (Graham Wardrop) - 4:30
6. Stop! The Music Is Over (Garry McAlpine, Gordon Spittle) - 2:53
7. Why Is Gone (Garry McAlpine, Gordon Spittle) - 4:51
8. My Turn To Cry (Graham Wardrop) - 3:20
9. So Many Years (Graham Wardrop) - 1:24
10.I Am But All Alone (Garry McAlpine, Gordon Spittle) - 4:09
11.Earth (Graham Wardrop) - 4:26
12.Here And Now (Garry McAlpine, Gordon Spittle) - 4:34
13.Empty Rooms (Graham Wardrop) - 2:18
14.Dandylions (Garry McAlpine, Gordon Spittle) - 3:00
15.What Do You Do (Graham Wardrop) - 2:59
16.Waterfall (Pure Land) (Graham Wardrop) - 2:52
17.Places (Garry McAlpine, Gordon Spittle) - 5:39
18.The Old Tree (Garry McAlpine, Gordon Spittle) - 2:19
19.My Babe (Bill Medley, Bobby Hatfield) - 2:52
20.Policeman (Garry McAlpine, Gordon Spittle) - 2:30
21.Questions (Graham Wardrop) - 1:56
22.Student Demonstration Time (Live 1972) (J. Leiber, M. Stoller) - 3:38
23.Andrianna (Live 1972) (Graham Wardrop) - 2:29
24.Stop! The Music Is Over (Live 1972) (G. McAlpine, G. Spittle) - 2:48

*Graham Wardrop - Lead Guitar, Vocals
*Garry McAlpine - Percussion, Vocals
*Peter Edmonds - Drums
*Peter Fraser - Bass Guitar, Vocals
*Kevin Foster - Keyboards

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