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Friday, March 6, 2020

A.B. Skhy - Ramblin' On (1970 us, stunning blues psych rock, 2019 korean remaster)

Originally known as New Blues, they were basically an electric blues band with horns and some jazz influences. From Milwaukee, Winconsin they relocated to San Francisco where they became a popular live attraction at venues like the Fillmore and Avalon in the late sixties. 

Released following personnel changes which saw drummer Anderson replaced by Rick Jaeger and the addition of guitarist James Cooke, 1970's "Ramblin'" teamed the band with producers Kim Fowley and Michael Lloyd. Surrounded by an all-star cast, including appearances from guitarist Elvin Bishop, Dave Roberts and Steve Miller associate/keyboardist Ben Sidran.

1. Gotta Be Free (Dennis Geyer, James Cooke) - 2:36
2. My Baby's Quit Me (Doc Pomus, Joe Kookoolis) - 3:54
3. Pearl (James Cooke) - 1:41
4. Lady In The Dark (James Cooke) - 4:30
5. Hope For The Future (James Cooke) - 3:17
6. Sweet Mother Earth (Dennis Geyer) - 4:02
7. Groovin' (Ben E. King, James Bethea) - 3:35
8. Trackin' Shoes (Jim Marcotte, Rick Jaeger, Dennis Geyer) - 4:35
9. I'm Walkin' (Antoine Domino, James Bartholemew) - 2:45
10.Gazebo (Dennis Geyer, James Cooke, Jim Marcotte, Rick Jaeger) - 6:06

A.B. Skhy
*Dennis Geyer - Guitar, Vocals
*James Curley Cooke - Guitar, Vocals
*Dr. Rick Jaeger - Percussion
*Jim Marcotte - Bass
*Wally Rose - Piano
*Ben Sidran - Keyboard
*Terry Andersen - Drums, Vocals
*Elvin Bishop - Guitar

1969  A.B. Skhy - A.B. Skhy 

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