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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Titus And Ross - Titus And Ross (1970 us, melodic sunny folk psych, Fallout release)

This enigmatic duo from Marion, Indiana only made one album, which appeared in 1970 and stands as one of the most appealing underground folk-rock recordings of its time. Certain songs were used in contemporary TV and film productions, but their origins and subsequent history remains unknown. 

Full of beautiful melodies and hazy harmonies, as well as poetic lyrics and psychedelic flourishes such as recorder and fuzz guitar, the LP bears more than a passing resemblance to the work of Simon & Garfunkel, and is sure to appeal to fans of fellow hippie folk heroes such as Fresh Maggots, Linda Perhacs and Lambert and Nuttycombe.

1. Story Street (Jack Ross) - 2:43
2. Me Love (Jack Ross) - 2:27
3. Jean-Claude What’s-His Name (Robert Riger, Jack Ross) - 3:42
4. To Sylvia (Jack Ross) - 2:15
5. Summer Clouds (Jack Ross) - 2:17
6. My Song (Art Titus) - 2:20
7. Thing I Wrote #1 (Jack Ross) - 1:57
8. For Beauty (Jack Ross) - 2:07
9. Cycle Song (Jack Ross) - 2:42
10. Marjane (Art Titus) - 2:39
11. What’s On Your Mind? (Jack Ross) - 2:05
12. Find An Answer (Jack Ross) - 2:41
Track 3 written and performed for ABC Wide World Of Sports coverage of the slalom competitions, December 13th 1969, Val D’Isere, France (aired December 20th 1969).
Track 5 written and performed for an industrial film for Eastern Airlines.
Track 8 adapted from the poem by Emily Dickinson.
Track 9 written and performed for ABC Wide World Of Sports coverage of the Motocross motorcycle competitions, October 26th 1969, from Pepperell, Mass., aired December 13th 1969 (first time original music ever used for an ABC sports presentation).

*Art Titus – Bass, Recorder, Piano
*Jack Ross – Lead, Rhythm Guitar
*Tommy Wells – Percussion

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No Dice - 2 Faced (1979 uk, hard 'n' roll, us Vinyl issue)

No Dice return to record their second LP (with Munch Moore now firmly ensconced on keyboards) -  a rock opus done on the Rolling Stones mobile on location and mixed in New York entitled ’ 2 Faced’. The music press hate it - and them. How dare they perpetuate the heresy of playing unfashionably well, writing tunes and having fun?? 

Everybody starts to jump ship - Chris leaves at the end of the tour and now management and     record co’s are suffering from frozen feet. No Dice sail on alone picking up new hands on guitar     (Frankie Hepburn) Saxophone (Jakko). Spinal Tap drummer-syndrome affliction sees TonyFernandez     and John Richardson pass through the rhythm seat. 

Independently released singles (‘How About You/ No conversation’ and ‘One More Night/ There goes another Girl’) and an aborted 3rd album fail to dig the Dice out of the hole of ‘nearly were’  and the band fold at a final show in the legendary Marquee Club in Wardour Street in 1982 (or was it 83?). 

1. Momma Do Stop Your Children Watching What Your Momma Do (Palmer) - 3:30
2. Shooting In The Dark (Martin) - 3:06
3. I Keep It To Myself - 3:47
4. Angel With A Dirty Face (Martin, Holmes) - 4:09
5. No Stone Unturned - 3:27
6. Come Dancing - 6:05
7. If You Had Nothing - 5:50
8. Bad Boys - 2:29
9. Upt Up 'n' Left Me - 5:35
All songs by Gary Strange except where noted

No Dice
*Roger Ferris - Vocals
*Dave Martin - Guitars
*Gary Strange - Bass
*Chris Wyles - Drums
Additional Musician
*Dave Moore - Keyboards

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No Dice - No Dice (1978 uk, tough hard 'n' roll, us Vinyl edition)

In 1975, from the ashes of a band you’ve never heard of (March Hare) Gary Strange and Dzal Martin added Roger Ferris and Chris Wyles to themselves and formed the fledgling No Dice, a blues/rock band in Stones/Faces style but with room to manoeuvre into more adventurous musical seas if the urge took them. 

Roger Ferris,(who was compared to Joe Cocker),had been in a 60s band called the Konrads who were in the news recently after the discovery of tapes which included the period David Bowie was also a member. 

After some demos and one single release ‘I need someone’ on DJM records they sat out a not very beneficial contract. When finally released they signed with Pink Floyd’s management company Emka Productions whose considerable influence - and the band’s talent - nabbed them a deal with EMI/Capitol records.

After some club gigs and an opening stint for UFO, in the year Elvis succumbed to one hamburger too many, they lock themselves away in Abbey Road and Island studios ‘til all hours making ‘No Dice’ their imaginatively titled debut album

There are 2 versions of this album with different cover art and slightly different track listing. This copy is the EMI Capitol Hollywood, CA US edition.

1. Why Sugar - 3:52
2. Crystal Clear - 3:51
3. Foolin' - 3:21
4. Silly Girl - 3:45
5. Down N' Dry - 3:55
6. Happy In The Skoolyard - 4:24
7. Spacey Romance - 3:47
8. Salt In The Wound - 5:39
9. Someone Else's Gold - 5:08
All songs written by Gary Strange

No Dice
*Roger Ferris - Vocals
*Dave Martin - Guitars
*Gary Strange - Bass
*Chris Wyles - Drums
Additional Musicians
*Dave Moore - Keyboards
*Stevie Smith - Harmonica

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