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Thursday, March 28, 2024

Sundance - Chuffer (1974 uk, fascinating blend of prog glam classic rock, 2023 korean remaster)

A British group from Birmingham (not to confused with the US Californian band with the same name),  with a surprisingly no-nonsense approach for the time – neither prog, nor hard rock, glam, or anything else that might have been big during the early 70s underground – which may well be why this set never got the fame it deserved! 

There's some great guitar work on the set that almost gets funky at points, but which often just holds to rockish riffing instead – really well-fit to the offbeat vocals which are perfect for the lyrical delivery of the set – all at a level that makes the whole thing one of those great under-circulated major label efforts that's wonderfully hard to peg, and which is ripe for rediscovery all these many years later. 

John Lyman later worked with many different artists as a session player and round 2005 with his wife Mel moved to Mallorca. Drummer Alan Moore was in the early and unofficial phase of the newborn Judas Priest, he left the band to join Sundance, and about a year after the "Cfuffer" returned to Judas Priest replacing John Hinch.

1. Can't Get Over You (John Lyman) - 4:06
2. It's All For You (John Lyman) - 3:12
3. Mare Luna (Bob Bowman) - 4:01
4. Me And Virginia (Steph Griffin) - 3:14
5. It Ain't Me (Phil Savage) - 3:13
6. Coast Of Panama (Bob Bowman) - 1:49
7. Finger On The Trigger (Bob Bowman) - 4:12
8. She Said (Come On Home) (Steph Griffin) - 3:48
9. Turn Round (John Lyman) - 3:23
10.What You Gonna Do For Me (Bob Bowman) - 4:16
11.Dark Eye (Phil Savage) - 4:05

*John Lynam - Guitar, Vocals 
*Stephen Griffin - Keyboards 
*Phil Savage - Bass 
*Bob Bowman - Guitar, Vocals 
*Alan Moore - Drums