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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Alicia May - Skinnydipping In The Flowers (1976 us, wonderful folk rock tinged with prog and traditional colors, 2008 korean release with bonus track)

In the 60s and 70s Alicia May was a singersongwriter gigging regularly in the bars and saloons of Laguna Beach, California. She got to know a lot of musicians, one of them knew Joni Mitchell, they all went on a picnic, Joni introduced her recording engineer Henry Lewy, Lewy let Alicia use studio downtime to record, another friend fronted up $1,000 and a privately-pressed LP was born. That’s how it happened back then.

Skinnydipping In The Flowers is like an archaelogical treasure; a find that faithfully encapsulates the music of a particular time and place. The songs, all May’s own, are performed well and the instrumentation is varied, but the lyrics are that bit too whimsical and wordy to achieve universal resonance. It’s a great reissue but it’s probably not going to be put on repeat too often.
by Tim Holmes

1. Borderline - 3:58
2. Summer Days - 3:13
3. The Prism Song - 3:26
4. Love Jig #1 - 1:59
5. Forest Of Dreams - 2:04
6. Dearly Beloved - 3:29
7. Carry Me Home - 3:26
8. End Of The Sky - 2:12
9. By And By - 2:39
10.My Favorite Stream - 3:24
11.Liza - 2:32
12.Kindred Spirits - 1:35
All songs by Alicia May Cory

*Alicia May - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Appalachian Dulcimer
*Danny Dettwyler - Flute, Vocals
*Karen Hammack - Piano
*Will Brady - Bass
*Tony Selvage - Violin, Viola
*Red Rhodes - Steel Guitar
*Steve Leach - Bass
*Tris Imboden - Drums
*Nissan Eventoff, John Smith - Vocals
*Michael Gwinn, Phillip Morgan - Vocals
*Henry Lewy - Deep Vocal

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