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Monday, January 15, 2024

rep> T. Swift And The Electric Bag - Are You Experienced? (1968 us, spooky acid psych folk rock, 2001 re-release)

With the release of T Swift & The Electric Bag’s “Are You Experienced” album Jerry and crew must have really started to come on to the Orange Sunshine. On tracks such as ‘Expo In Sound’ and ‘Free Form In 6’ Jerry waved his freak flag higher than most. ‘Kimeaa’ is a classic in its own right, as is Jerry’s 12-string workout on ‘What’s Your Bag?’, and even the cover version of ‘Are You Experienced’ is fun to listen to. 
Mike Vernon

Jerald Edward Kolbrak (Jerry Cole), died Corona, California 28 May 2008.

1. Are You Experienced? (Jimi Hendrix) - 4:37
2. As I Grow Into A Man - 2:46
3. Red Eyes - 2:56
4. A Jet (The Letter) (Wayne Carson) - 2:28
5. Take It Easy Baby - 3:05
6. What's Your Bag? - 2:09
7. Free Form in 6 - 2:07
8. The Stinger - 2:36
9. The Strut - 2:25
10.Expo In Sound - 4:34
All songs by Jerry Cole except track #1

*Jerry Cole - Guitar
*Don Dexter - Drums

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