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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pugma Ho! - Pugma Ho! (1969-2004 uk, rough downer rock with experimental mood, 2004 release)

It started in 1968 as a Jo Wright Art School band the Incas with Chris Camm guitar and Dave Coxon bass joined eventually by Keith Gotheridge on drums and Cliffe Simms on keyboards playing pop around the local pubs and clubs.  As the band moved towards the rock influences we decided to recruit vocalist Bev Staley who promised to be a good front man.  Bevs arrival was soon followed by Cliff's departure as the bands influences started to change.  With original material and a heavier rock sound it was decided a name change was called for, Pugma-Ho (kiss my arse, in Gaelic)  was born.  

We started to establish ourselves on the rock circuit, playing the top London gigs like The Marquee Club, The Temple, The Roundhouse and The Greyhound.  We also played several gigs at the Liverpool Cavern rock nights, usually followed by gigs at Liverpools Mardi Gras.  In 1972  we were the midlands representatives for the MELODY MAKER National Rock Contest, playing in the finals at the Roundhouse.  By the mid 70,s the music was changing towards punk.  Athough the band continued with changes in personel and music styles, we decided to call it a day.

In 2003 Pugma-Ho got together again for the hell of it, minus Bev,  who now resides in Australia.  Steve Curzon's, Bevs replacement, immediately became part of the band, and we are once again building a reputation for playing classic rock, the way it used to be played.

Clive Wellings took over drumming duties, after Keith retired from the band and did a sterling job for a year. The band was moving away from its original style so we recuited Tim Cox who's technique was more in line with the bands aims.

February 15th, 2013, Tim made his debut at the New Inn, Ilkeston, playing drums with Pugma Ho and now has played several gigs with the lads.

Before joining the band, his love of music took him on a vocational course by being a roadie and a pyrotechnic technician, using his creative skills at events and festivals.

Being an accomplished drummer, in 2008 he joined the post - punk rock band Wicker Sunday, providing the group with powerful, solid drums. It was in this band where he met Dave who was guesting on bass for some time.

1. Intro...Alert ! - 1:02
2. Life Is Crazy - 7:23
3. Who Will You See - 9:31
4. Blinding Lights - 7:58
5. Only A Fool - 4:06
6. You Know - 7:14
7. What's Your Desire - 3:08
8. Outro...All Clear - 0:48
9. German Love Song - 8:08
10.The Way I Feel - 9:53
11.War And Hate - 2:45
12.Alone In A Dream - 2:57
13.221 - 4:40
14.Junior's Wailing - 3:47
15.Highway 101 - 3:26
Tracks 2-7 recorded 1973
Track 9 recorded 1975
Tracks 10-12 recorded 1969 as The Incas
Tracks 13-15 recorded 2003-04

The Pugma Ho!
*Chris Camm - Guitar (1971)
*Dave Coxon - Bass (1971-72)
*Keith Gotheridge - Drums (1971-75)
*Pete Greaves - Guitar, Vocals
*Mel Levis - Bass
*Bev Staley - Vocals
*Spike Miller - Bass (1971)
*Sam Samways - Bass
*Richopino Ricardo - Bass
*Chinese Charly - Bass
*Neil Wright - Bass
*Gordon Reaney - Vocals
*Margo Buchanan Reid - Vocals
*Sam Kenny - Keyboards (1975)
*Geoff Meakin - Drums (1975)
*Steve Curzon - Vocals (2003)

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