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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Redeye - One Man`s Poison (1971 us, marvelous swamp folk rock, 2013 korean remaster)

Redeye's  second album "One Man`s Poison" released in 1971, is an extension of the first, with swamps and west coast folk-rock elements, but with more laid-back and mature music than the debut work. 

Includes the hit single  ‘Redeye Blues’, was issued in the spring of 1971, although it was banned in many radio markets owing to its lyrical content - some programmers objected to the song’s story-line about a person getting stoned and then unable to find his drug stash. 

Nevertheless, the single charted at number #78. The group was unable to follow it with another hit and split up in 1972.  

1. I`m Going Blind - 2:48
2. Red Eye Blues - 2:51
3. The Seeker - 3:20
4. I`ll Get Better - 3:16
5. The Making Of A Hero - 5:02
6. You Don`t Need It - 2:58
7. Walter Why Knott - 2:22
8. Someone - 3:02
9. Beginning To End - 2:39
10.Cold In The Night - 3:21
All songs by Dave Hodgkins

*Douglas "Red" Mark - Vocals, Guitar 
*Dave Hodgkins - Guitar, Vocals
*Bill Kirkham - Bass, Vocals
*Bob Bereman - Drums, Percussion

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