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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rex Foster - Roads Of Tomorrow (1970 us, marvelous texas acid folk psych, 2007 korean remaster edition)

My name is REX FOSTER, I am from Texas. Came via caravan movie of Francois Reichenbach, who got dosed, heard my music and introduced me to Herve Mille, who, being a lover of strange people introduced me to Eddie Barclay, and Leo Missir, and the next day I met Jean Fernandez who has spent time in the USA with people of a familiar background and after hearing one bar of "Don't throw your life away" knew he wanted to produce this album. So we did, and got my musical alter ego from Texas, a fellow name DON HARDING (now, this may be my album, because my energy brought it into being – but he and I have been together for five years and willn be together for years ahead).

We both came from a family of people named Rachel's Children and MERRILY WEEBER through years of hiding come to say hello, to sing, to cry (and the Elephant Lady is getting it together). We live and record at Michel Magne's studio which is a chateau in the country near Paris, an ashram, a peaceful break from the bullshit. "Odie", an English lad (Keith Harwood) comes to sit at the combine hine thing on the machine. This album was recorded during the period when the Burgos trial and the north Poland riots were happening.

P.S. Thanks to Andre, Haedrich, my good friend of words, and to Ed Swan, Lucia Foster, and Judy Thomasson for their help in writing "Lemon Aide Ditty". The final mtx of this album was made in London at Olympic studios by Keith Harwood and Jeremy Jee.
Rex Foster

1. Roads of Tomorrow - 3:13
2. Today's a Sunny Day - 1:32
3. Turn the Page Over - 2:37
4. In the Spring - 3:27
5. Guadalupe River Song (Will Bellamy, Rex Foster) - 6:56
6. Lighted Window Lady - 5:15
7. Lemon Aid Ditty - 1:59
8. Busted in the Grass Blues - 2:36
9. Dont Throw Your Life Away - 3:08
10.Climb - 2:57
11.Friend - 1:52
All songs by Rex Foster, except otherwise.


*Rex Foster - Vocals, Guitar
*Don Earl - Guitar, Vocals
*Merrily Bellamy - Vocals
*Will Bellamy - Guitar, Bass. Vocals
*Christian Devaux - Drums
*Andre Herve - Keyboard
*Michel Herve - Bass

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