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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Highway - Highway (1974 uk, remarkable country folk swamp rock, 2012 korean remaster)

"Highway" recorded and released in 1974 was the first album of the band. Much similar to other British swamp rockers like Ro Ro, Brian Short, Tennent Morrison and Black Cat Bones. Featuring Ray Minhinnet an exquisite guitarist, not only a marvellous player, but also an expert in guitar history.

1. Silver City (Jon Elstar, Will Killeen) - 5:57
2. Song For A Friend (Ray Minhinnet, John Gordon) - 6:44
3. Cajun Queen (John Gordon, Ian Byron, Ray Minhinnet) - 6:08
4. Blinds Me (Jon Elstar) - 4:44
5. Ready! (John Gordon, Jim Hall) - 3:20
6. Down By The Wishing Well (Jon Elstar, Will Killeen) - 5:24
7. Wee Wee Baby (Willie Dixon, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters) - 5:46
8. Same Old Dream (Jim Hall, John Gordon, Ian Byron) - 6:06

*Ray Minhinnett - Electric, Slide, 12-String Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
*Jim Hall - Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vocals
*Ian Byron - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
*John Gordon - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
*Jon Elstar - Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals, Harmonica
*Mick Gradham - Guitar
*B.J. Cole - Pedal Steel Guitar
*Tony Carr - Congas

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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Headstone - Headstone (1975 uk, nice prog rock with funky and folk tinges, 2021 korean remaster)

After leaving Rare Bird Mark, Ashton formed a new band, Headstone, together with a great guitarist called Steve Bolton. Steve used to play with Atomic Rooster. They signed a contract with Trident Productions who had already signed a new band called Queen. A great bass player Philip Chen joined who later went on to play with Rod Stewart. We recorded with the same producer of Rare Bird’s first album, John Antony. Headstone made two albums for Trident EMI. 

Irish violinist Joe O'Donnell joint also Headstone circa 1975, while in and out of East Of Eden. Joe was a member of  The Woods Band. This band folded and Gay & Terry Woods signed to Polydor as a duo. Joe appears on their debut LP "Backwoods", released in 1972. He then joined the fourth, unrecorded lineup of UK folkrock legends the Trees. This was reputedly the most rockin' version of the band. In 1973, Joe replaced Dave Arbus in East Of Eden. 

1. Eastern Wind - 3:45
2. Warm Sunny Days - 4:52
3. Turn Your Head - 3:53
4. Gyrosame (Steve Bolton) - 3:09
5. Karma (Jerome Rimson) - 3:42
6. Hard Road - 4:21
7. Large Weather We're Having, Lucy (Steve Bolton) - 3:01
8. Searching Light (Steve Bolton) - 3:21
9. Get Through To You - 4:23
10.All I Ask - 3:54
11.Someone's Gotta Give - 6:09
All compositions by Mark Ashton except where indicated

*Mark Ashton - Lead Vocals, Acoustic, Electric Guitars
*Steve Bolton - Lead, Acoustic Guitars, Steel Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals
*Joe O'Donell - Electric, Acoustic Violins, Piano Accordion, Mandolin, Backing Vocals
*Jerome Rimson - Bass, Lead Vocals
*Peter Van Hooke - Drums,Percussion
Guest Musicians
*Max Middleton - Piano
*Chas Jankel - Rhythm Guitar
*Juanita Franklin - Vocals 

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Monday, March 13, 2023

Poor Boys - Ain't Nothin' In Our Pocket But Love (1970 us, pleasant groovy pop psych bubbles, 2016 korean remaster)

American trio the Poor Boys--Robert Fazio (lead vocals), Thomas Corio (organ, piano, vocals), and Edwin Corliss (percussion, vocals)--released their only album on the Motown-owned Rare Earth label in 1970. ) -- released their only album on the Motown-affiliated Rare Earth label in 1970. Produced by Michael Valvano, who had worked with Stoney and Meat Loaf on Rare Earth and Frijid Pink. This album has all the delicious elements of bubblegum pop, including catchy tunes, cheap organs, fuzz guitar, happy and simple lyrics, falsetto background vocals, etc. It is a pleasant highly complete album.

1. Beg Me (Edwin Corlis, Robert Fazio, Thomas Corio) - 3:28
2. Do What You Wanna Do (Michael Valvano) - 2:49
3. Can't Get Back In (Buck Griffin, Michael Valvano, William Ellis) - 3:20
4. Wooden Horse (Buck Griffin, Michael Valvano, William Ellis) - 3:21
5. A Place Called Love (Michael Valvano, Robert Fazio) - 3:09
6. Little Boy Blue (Robert Fazio, Thomas Corio) - 3:00
7. Mary Mary (Edwin Corlis, Robert Fazio, Thomas Corio) - 2:38
8. Rhyme Or Reason (Robert Fazio) - 2:54
9. You Made Your Bed (Now You Lie In It) (Robert Fazio, Thomas Corio) - 3:04
10.I Won't Take No For An Answer (Robert Fazio) - 2:56
11.Let's Do More About Love (Michael Valvano) - 3:19
12.Just Like A Clock (Robert Fazio, Thomas Corio) - 2:24

Poor Boys
*Edwin Corlis - Percussion, Vocals 
*Robert Fazio - Lead Vocals, Guitar 
*Thomas Corio - Organ, Piano, Vocals