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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Golden Earring - Eight Miles High / Seven Tears (1969/71 dutch, exceptional hard rock with psych prog tinges, 5th and 7th album)

Experimental Hard Rock and  Psychedelic vibes, "Eight Miles High" ,title taken from the song that was written by Gene Clark, Roger McGuinn and David Crosby of The Byrds, lent itself perfectly to the hallucinatory atmosphere display. During live performances including the United States was "Eight Miles High stretched to three quarters and enriched with a guitar, drum and bass solo. 

As an album side only limited up to about 20 minutes this song was shortened. With 19 minutes is the longest track Eight Miles High Golden Earring who ever put on record. Song Of A Devil's Servant is already ahead of its predecessor On the Double (1969), but at Eight Miles High has a more psychedelic production. The album was recorded in five days at Olympic Studios in London. The spontaneity of the songs was praised, given the rudimentary technology of the release which criticized.

The music of Golden Earring items early seventies hard rock in addition to a remarkably soft, mystical side. Wall Of Dolls (1970), this sensitivity in Seven Tears  from songs such as  Silver Ships and Hope. Rock n Roll  will prevail over again with an exuberant riff engraved The Road Swallowed Her Name and Earring classic She Flies On Strange Wings.

Eight Miles High
1. Landing (Rinus Gerritsen) – 4:27
2. Song of a Devil's Servant (George Kooymans) – 6:00
3. One Huge Road (Kooymans) – 3:05
4. Everyday's Torture (Kooymans) – 5:19
5. Eight Miles High (Gene Clark, David Crosby, Roger McGuinn) – 19:00

Golden Earring
*Rinus Gerritsen - Bass, Keyboard
*Barry Hay - Flute, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
*George Kooymans - Guitar, Vocals
*Sieb Warner - Percussion, Drums

Seven Tears
1. Silver Ships  (Kooymans) – 5:40
2. The Road Swallowed Her Name (Kooymans) – 4:07
3. Hope (Gerritsen, Hay) – 4:46
4. Don't Worry (Hay) – 3:20
5. She Flies on Strange Wings (Kooymans) – 7:22
6. This Is the Other Side of Life (Kooymans) – 3:19
7. You're Better off Free (Kooymans) – 6:44

Golden Earring
*Rinus Gerritsen - Bass, Keyboard
*Barry Hay - Flute, Vocals
*George Kooymans - Guitar, Vocals
*Cesar Zuiderwijk - Drums

The Golden Earring-s
1966  Winter-Harvest
1968-69  Miracle Mirror
1969  On The Double
1972  Together
1973  Moontan (Japan remaster)

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