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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dark - Anonymous Days (1974-95 uk, cool guitar hard prog psych blend)

Anonymous Days is the second studio album from Dark recorded 23 years after the first, the famous and highly collectable 'Round the Edges' LP. The band's line-up remains the same, Steve Giles, Ron Johnson, Martin Weaver and Clive Thorneycroft. Anonymous Days contains songs written between 1974 and 1995 and is the album we always wanted to make, combining the Dark progressive rock style with the latest recording techniques.

The first album was recorded in about 24 hours, this one took an awful lot longer: that's modern studios for you. The tracks are pure Dark combining complicated twin harmony guitar work with thought provoking lyrics and wide ranging musical structures.

We thoroughly enjoyed getting back together again to write and rehearse after all those years, we even played a live gig in our home town of Northampton. At the start of the project Ron's bass guitar was taken from the dust in his loft where it had lain undisturbed for over 20 years. After the album was finished he put it back in exactly the same place ready for the next one?

Anonymous Days was recorded between 1994-1996 at Outrider Studios Northampton, all tracks were composed between 1974-1995
by Martin Weaver, Northampton, England. June 2001

1. All The Loving I Need - 5:12
2. Madame La Guilloline - 6:55
3. Miles And Miles Away - 5:38
4. Shadow Of The Rain - 3:20
5. A Hope Full Of Holes - 8:44
6. On Came The Midnight - 6:28
7. Don't Worry About That - 5:04
8. Killing My Friends - 5:49
9. Journey's End - 6:30

*Steve Giles - Guitars, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
*Ron Johnson - Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
*Martin Weaver - Guitars, Vocals
*Clive Thorneycroft - Drums, Percussion

1969-71  Teenage Angst The Early Sessions
1972  Round The Edges

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