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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Bob Hughes - The Kids Are Ok! (1978 uk, magnificent folk silky rock, 2011 korean remaster)

An obscured English singer songwriter Bob Hughes, was thirty-two years old at the time he recorded his first album (My Old Man) at Spaceward Studios in 1976. This was followed in the same Cambridge studios by In For a Penny with the group Hooknorton in 1977 and The Kids Are Ok! 1978, which was recorded in two sessions only!!

The Kids Are Ok! is a step in a new world. Firstly, it's the work of a band, The Bob Hughes Band which comprised of Bob Hughes (12 string guitar, 6 string guitar and vocals) and 5 talented musicians: John Kaliski (lead guitar, bass guitar, vocals), Alan Buxton (same as John), Gary Moore (drums), Adrian Nash (keyboards and vocals) and Ron Turner (lead guitar). Secondly, this album is much more folk rock than My Old Man, with plenty of electric guitar. Melodies are so catchy they will stay in your head for days.

1. When I Get There - 3:25
2. Jeannie - 3:48
3. Black Haired Girl - 3:34
4. The Kids Are Ok - 3:06
5. Belinda Blue Eyes - 3:24
6. I Ain`t Got You - 3:55
7. Losing You - 4:10
8. French Wine - 4:22
9. Jacqueline - 5:05
10.Nichola`s A Place - I Know - 3:09
11.In Love With You - 3:01
12.You Broke My Heart - 4:12
Words and Music by Bob Hughes

*Bob Hughes - 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Vocals
*Gary Moore - Drums
*Adrian Nash - Keyboards, Vocals
*Ron Turner - Lead Guitar
*Alan Buxton - Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals
*John Kaliski - Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals