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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Rare Earth - Midnight Lady / Band Together (1976/78 us, awesome funky soul groovy brass rock, 2017 digipak remaster)

In 1974, original drummer/vocalist Peter Hoorlebeke (Rivera) left Rare Earth to record with his new group H.U.B.  Gil Bridges and the remainder of the band used session musicians to record two more albums, “Back To Earth” and “Midnight Lady” , before the Rare Earth label was closed down in 1977. 

Follow up to "Back to Earth" and featuring Jerry La Croix on vocals, this is actually a pleasant listen. With Norman Whitfield back in the Producer's seat he's used his own songs rather than the band's.The only non-Whitfield song, "Its A Natural" penned by La Croix, which opens the album, is a commendable effort. 

In 1978 Rare Earth (with the 1972 line-up) was back in the studio to record “Band Together”.  The first single was “Warm Ride”.  The song had been written by the Bee Gees who were the hottest act in the world following the success of Saturday Night Fever and its mega-hit soundtrack.  “Warm Ride” was Rare Earth’s first Top 40 single in six years and would be their final hit.

Midnight Lady 1976 
1. It's A Natural (Jerry LaCroix) - 4:00
2. Finger Lickin' Good (Norman Whitefield) - 3:25
3. He Who Picks A Rose (Norman Whitefield, Eddie Holland, Earl Smiley) - 4:50
4. Do It Right (Norman Whitefield) - 6:26
5. Ain't No Sunshine Since You've Been Gone (Cornelius Grant, Norman Whitfield, Sylvia Moy) - 3:00
6. Midnight Lady (Norman Whitefield) - 4:23
7. Wine Women And Song (Norman Whitefield) - 10:51
Band Together 1978
8. Warm Ride (Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Robin Gibb) - 4:01
9. You (Ivy Hunter, Jack Goga, Jeffrey Bowen) - 3:31
10.Love Is What You Get (Bob Siller, Chuck Smith, Don Dunn) - 2:52
11.Love Do Me Right (Lenny Macaluso) - 4:27
12.Dreamer (Jerry Zaremba) - 4:08
13.Maybe The Magic (Curly Smith, Mark Olson) - 3:04
14.Love Music (Brian Potter, Dennis Lambert) - 4:41
15.Rock 'N' Roll Man (John Ryan, Mark Olson, Peter Hoorelbeke, Ray Monette) - 3:58
16.Mota Molata (John Ryan, Mark Olson, Peter Hoorelbeke, Ray Monette) - 4:28

Rare Earth
Midnight Lady 1976
*Gil Bridges - Percussion
*Ray Monette – Guitar, Vocals
*Jessica Smith - Vocals
*Jerry LaCroix - Vocals
*Paul Warren – Guitar, Vocals
*Julia Tillman Waters - Vocals
*Maxine Willard Waters - Vocals
*Frank Westbrook – Keyboards
*Reggie McBride - Bass
Band Together 1978
*Gil Bridges – Flute, Sax, Percussion, Vocals
*Eddie Guzman - Percussion
*Ray Monette - Guitar
*Mark Olson – Keyboards, Harmonica, Vocals
*Pete Rivera – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
*Mike Urso – Bass, Vocals

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