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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Heron - Diamond Of Dreams (1977 excellent prog rock with epic folk tones, 2019 remaster with extra track)

The re-named "Mike Heron's Reputation", now Heron hit the shelves in '77 with Diamond of Dreams, which stands as one of Mike Heron's most mature and gratifying works. Mike Heron more known for his works with The Incredible String Band shifts more towards a more rocky side than his earlier folk days. This album stands out as one of the great forgotten rock albums, full of inventiveness and wonderful song writing. Originally released on the famous Bronze label Talking Elephant are pleased to have this release plus a bonus track and all remastered for 2019.

1. Are You Going To Hear The Music - 5:12
2. Don't Kill It Carol - 4:29
3. Do It Yourself - Desert Song - 7:03
4. Redbone - 5:00
5. Trim Up Your Love Light - 3:54
6. Draw Back The Veil - 4:40
7. Stranded In Iowa - 6:10
8. Diamond Of Dreams - 7:01
9. Baby Goodnight - 5:39
Words and Music by Mike Heron
Bonus track 9

*Mike Heron - Vocals, Guitar
*Mike Tomich - Bass
*Malcolm Le Maistre - Vocals
*John Gilston - Drums
*Frank Usher - Lead Guitar
*Dave Sams - Drums
*David Barker - Keyboards