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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kin Ping Meh - Kin Ping Meh II (1972-73 germany, great hard prog rock, remastered edition with bonus tracks)

Torsten Herzog and Willie Wagner left Kin Ping Meh in 1972. The band had already been expanded with Alan Joe Wroe (bass), Uli Gross (guitar, although he left again within months) and Gagey Mrozeck (guitar, ex-2066 & Then). 'No. 2' (1972) followed the path of its predecessor - it was filled with great quality heavy progressive rock.

Just like the debut album 'No. 2' was produced by the Hamburg team of Achim Reichel/Frank Dostal (Rattles) and recorded in the Windrose Dumont Time studios. Once again, Conny Plank was the sound engineer. One year later, Plank set up his own studio near Cologne and built his own monument by producing the first four Kraftwerk records. On 'No. 2', Kin Ping Meh followed down the path they had taken the year before - straight rock with no experiments, resulting in unspectacular, but highly powerful rock music.

All in all, the second Kin Ping Meh album seems to show them in an even more relaxed mood and offers not only catchy rhythms, but almost pop-like elements. The first two songs ('Come Down To The Riverside' and 'Don't Force Your Horse' are typical Kin Ping Meh rock. The next song, a cover version of the Beatles' 'Come together', ends on a well-done jam (the 'Together Jam'). And just like the debut album, 'No. 2' has its calmer moments as well ('Livable Ways' and 'Day Dreams').

The LP ends with the lively 'Very Long Ago' and 'I Wonna Be Lazy', written by Reichel and Dostal. As bonus tracks, this CD contains the single B-side version of 'Sometime' (1973, Zebra 2047002; the original version can be found on the debut album) plus the single A-side 'Sunday Morning Eve' (1973, Zebra 2047004)
by Matthias Mineur

1. Come Down to the Riverside (Werner Stephan, Uli Gross) - 3:12
2. Don't Force Your Horse (Uli Gross, Dr. Grossenmaier) - 3:46
3. Come Together (J. Lennon, P. McCartney) - 6:00
4. Together Jam (Kin Ping Meh) - 4:54
5. Liveable Ways (Uli Gross, Frank Dostal) - 8:02
6. Day Dreams (Werner Stephan, Uli Gross, Dr. Grossenmaier) - 7:32
7. Very Long Ago (Willie Wagner) - 2:55
8. I Wanna Be Lazy (A. Reichel, Frank Dostal) - 3:04
9. Sometime (Single Version) (Willie Wagner, Frieder Schmidt) - 4:33
10.Sunday Morning Eve (Gerhard Mrozeck, Uli Gross, Wroe) - 3:58

Kin Ping Meh
*Kalle Weber - Drums, Percussion
*Torsten Herzog - Bass, Vocals
*Frieder Schmidt - Organ, Piano, Mellotron 400, Vocals
*Willie Wagner - Guitar, Vocals
*Werner Stephan - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
*Uli Gross - Electric, Fingerstyle Guitar
*Gerhard Mrozeck - Guitar

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