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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sage - By Sage (1970 us, fine southern rock)

Sage' was a Tampa, FL based band that was founded in 1967. Sage began playing local dances and clubs which eventually brought the band to the attention of Blues Image's Mike Pinera who signed them to his small Illusion label.  It is widely rumoured that Illusion was some sort of a tax scam with albums by Sage and stable mates Hopney being given away or destroyed immediately upon release. 

There probably is more than just a small grain of truth in this rumour, as this particular album is spectacularly rare and almost never comes up for sale. Sage By Sage is a strong album with some first-rate playing and excellent song writing.
by Adamus67

1. My Girl - 3:10
2. Lovely Lady - 4:08
3. Don't Stop Loving Me - 4:09
4. No One But You - 3:52
5. I'm Satisfied With You - 3:27
6. I Believe In You - 4:27
7. Morning Dove - 5:54

John Cameron (guitar)
Hilda Williers (bass)
Ray Williers (guitar)
Rodger Stephan (drums)

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