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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Blue Money Band - No Money Down (1978 us, tough boogie roots rock with southern feel, 2011 remaster)

Ex Woolies and Chuck Berry’s backup band doing some terrific boogie rockin’ here. Great chugging chugging music. The material presented here consists mostly of somewhat loud and fast boogie blues rock, with fairly commercial production and some use of synthesizer. 

Jeff Baldori left the Woolies in the late 70’s and formed his own band called Blue Money. Jeff Baldori’s Blue Money band released its first album, “No Money Down” in 1978. 

1. No Money Down (Chuck Berry) - 4:28
2. Run When You Roadie - 4:14
3. Coaxial - 4:01
4. Keep On Rockin' - 3:42
5. Can't Get Stuff - 3:39
6. Have Mercy (Don Covay, Ronald Miller) - 3:07
7. Easy Baby (Samuel Maghett "Magic Sam") - 4:21
8. Watchin' The Devil Die - 5:17
9. The Answer - 4:05
All songs by Jeff Baldori except where stated

Blue Money Band
*Jeff Baldori - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
*Randy Burghoff - Bass, Vocals
*Bob Gardner - Drums
*Mike Skory - Piano
*Bob Baldori - Keyboards, Harmonica
*Bernie Mieslik - Saxophone
*Jack Groendal - Rhythm Guitar
*Emil DiVitri  
*Kevin Nicoloff  
*Rubin Drake