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Saturday, January 1, 2022

Crowfoot - Crowfoot (1970 us, fascinating psych classic rock with west coast aura, 2017 remaster)

Born in Philadelphia, DaShiell lived on Oahu between the ages of three and fifteen, and took up guitar at the age of fourteen. He moved with his family to Florida in 1963, where he formed a band that played covers in the local Sugar Shack club. He then joined Doug Killmer's band The Sonics, which after the addition of drummer Rick Jaeger became The Beau Gentry in 1965; 

Originally, they played British Invasion songs, but turned more to original material as DaShiell began to write it. They were signed by manager Ken Adamany (who later handled Cheap Trick); he took them to the Midwest for a summer tour, and they continued to be based there for the next two years. In December 1968, they moved to Marin County, CA, in hopes of getting a record deal during the renaissance of San Francisco rock bands, but they eventually found success playing with others rather than in their own band. DaShiell also began working as a session guitarist, playing on A.B. Skhy's 1969 debut album, and going on to play in Harvey Mandel's band. He also played on Norman Greenbaum's Spirit in the Sky album, including the chart-topping title track, and went on to tour with Greenbaum and play on his next two albums. 

In 1970, DaShiell secured a record contract with ABC-Paramount for Crowfoot, but by then it was essentially a solo act. Nevertheless, he recorded a self-titled Crowfoot album, with Jaeger playing drums, that was released in the fall of 1970. A year later came Find the Sun, which found DaShiell backed by Sam McCue (guitar and vocals), Bill Sutton (bass), and Don Francisco (drums and vocals). Neither album succeeded commercially, and DaShiell went on to other projects. In the early 1990s, he reunited with Killmer and Jaeger for an EP under the name Mesenger that he released on his own Aerial View label. 

1. Winter Comes - 3:41
2. Love Is Everywhere - 2:35
3. You Won't Cry - 3:13
4. Lady Fair - 1:45
5. Maybe I Can Learn To Live - 2:50
6. California Rock'n Roll - 1:59
7. Dry Your Eyes - 3:08
8. A Falling Leaf - 3:51
9. No Don't Leave - 3:39
10.Dancing Lady - 2:43
11.Groove Along - 4:01
All compositions by Russell Da Shiell

*Russell Da Shiell - Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
*Rick Jaeger - Drums

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