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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Raiders - Indian Reservation / Collage (1970-71 us, fantastic blend of country folk beat psych and classic rock, 2009 remaster)

Paul Revere and The Raiders has been a veritable army of musicians, whose major career began in 1963 and lasted through 1975. Paul managed the group's internal workings, Mark Lindsay lent his voice, writing and producer talents, and I managed the external affairs: Columbia Records, a television career, and touring. An ambassador of sorts.

From the 'essential' Raiders surrounding Paul and Mark, namely Phil Volk, Drake Levin, Mike Smith and Jim Valley, Paul created an entertainment machine that is still well oiled, with occasional new parts. Keith Allison, Freddy Weller, Charlie Coe and Joe Correro Jr. joined over time; others even later.

The '60s Raiders became television stars and Teen Idols. Dick Clark gave them television time on Where The Action Is and Happening (ABC-TV). They were Rock Stars with "Personality, and immense record sales followed. They dominated the teen magazines as well. Group photographer Gino Rossi's photos were popping up everywhere The Ed Sullivan Show,  Johnny Carson, The Smothers Brothers, plus many Specials followed, even a cameo role on Batman. 

By the mid '70s, Paul and Mark had seen a run of success that would be hard to duplicate by any other group, with millions of records sold, literally hundreds of television appearances, and tours to the biggest U.S. venues of the time. These two albums, Collage and Indian Reservation represent the culmination of The Raiders success, artistically and commercially, with Mark in the studio, and Paul on the road to make it happen. 

These albums represent what Paul Revere and The Raiders, in the beginning, never imagined could happen. We played our roles by ear, instinct, hard work and believability, and it worked.  However, the group ended its encampment in Hollywood by the end of 1975. 

The group dissolved and all went their way. Paul moved back to his beloved Idaho, I had moved to Spain, and Mark stayed in Hollywood for the time. Everyone looked for a new niche in music. Paul reformed his band in 1978 and is still on the road. Their era of rock-stardom would end, but memories of years supercharged with more success than ever imagined linger on, and the stories are still being told.
by Roger Hart  (Personal Manager at the time, and Consultant to Paul to date)

1. Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian) (John D. Loudermilk) - 2:54
2. The Shape Of Things To Come (B. Mann, C. Weil) - 3:24
3. Prince Of Peace (L. Russell, G. Dempscy) - 3:30
4. Heaven Help Us All (Ronald Miller) - 3:25
5. Take Me Home (Terry Melcher) - 4:10
6. Just Remember You're My Sunshine (Mike Settle) - 2:44
7. Come In, You'll Get Pneumonia (H. Vanda, G. Young, T. Cahill) - 3:12
8. Eve Of Destruction (P.F. Sloan) - 3:19
9. Birds Of A Feather (Joe South) - 2:52
10.The Turkey (Mark Lindsay) - 4:06
11.Save The Country (Laura Nyro) - 3:17
12.Think Twice (M. Lindsav, K. Allison) - 3:52
13.Interlude (To Be Forgotten) (M. Lindsay, K. Allison) - 2:47
14.Dr. Fine (Mark Lindsay) - 4:06
15.Just Seventeen (Mark Lindsay) - 3:51
16.The Boys In The Band (Mark Lindsay) - 3:11
17.Tighter (M. Lindsay, T. Melcher) - 2:10
18.Gone Movin' On (M. Lindsay, T. Melcher) - 3:01
19.Wednesday's Child (M. Lindsay, K. Allison) - 2:26
20.Sorceress With Blue Eyes (M. Lindsay, K. Allison) - 5:01
21.We Gotta All Get Together (Freddy Weller) - 4:57
22.Country Wine (E. Villareal, V. Watkins) - 2:31
23.Powder Blue Mercedes Queen (Mark Lindsay) - 2:55
Bonus Tracks 22-23

The Raiders
*Mark Lindsay - Vocals
*Paul Revere - Keyboards
*Freddy Weller - Guitar
*Keith Allison - Rass, Guitar
*Mike Smith - Drums (1-10. 22, 23)
*Joe Correro Jr. - Drums (11-21)

Paul Revere And The Raiders
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