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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Challenger's - The Challenger's (1969 puerto rico, splendid psychedelic rock, Gear Fab release)

Puerto Rico in 1969 was a lot like the rest of the continental United States in the 60's: young people were feverishly playing the songs of the day and, occasionally, some of them even wrote their own music. Some even had the good fortune to get access to a studio where they actually made a record. The Challengers were one of these bands.

Their music was fresh, hard, and distinctively influenced by the Vanilla Fudge, The Young Rascals, and Santana. We only wish we knew more about this mystery band. While we were unable to locate any of the members, the original gate fold LP comes with some information on this band.

Recorded in Puerto Rico in 1969, this band had six members: Rafael Marquez "Rafi" on Lead guitar and Melodica, Luis Velez "Wiso" on vocals and bass, Alex Rodriguez on vocals, second lead, Rhythm guitar, and conga, Reno Habiff Moreno on vocals and percussion, Jose Guzman "Tato" on organ and piano, and Jose Luis Kerkado on drums.
by Roger Maglio

1. Emily (Reno Habiff) - 2:54
2. Martha Does (Alex Rodriguez) - 3:31
3. You Can't Mess With Joe (Reno Habiff, Luis Velez) - 2:29
4. Blowin' In The Wind (Bob Dylan) - 5:25
5. Letting You Know (Alex Rodriguez, Reno Habiff) - 3:50
6. It's For You (Lennon, McCartney) - 3:50
7. GotToTellYou (Reno Habiff, Alex Rodriquez) - 3:10
8. Needles And Pins (Nitzsche, Bond). 3:03
9. Little Big Man (Alex Rodriquez) - 7:31

The Challenger's
*Rafael Marquez "Rafi" - Lead Guitar, Melodica
*Luis Velez "Wiso" -  Vocals, Bass
*Alex Rodriguez - Vocals, Second Lead, Rhythm Guitar, Conga
*Reno Habiff Moreno - Vocals, Percussion
*Jose Guzman "Tato" - Organ, Piano
*Jose Luis Kerkado - Drums

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