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Saturday, February 11, 2017

American Blues - Do Their Thing (1969 us, superb psych blues rock, 2016 korean remaster)

Released by MCA's Uni subsidiary, 1969's "The American Blues Do Their Thing" was a major improvement. Self-produced, the collection found the band opting for a major change in direction. Written by the Hills, material such as the lead-off "You Were So Close To Me", "Captain Fire" and "Just Plain Jane" found the band attempting to capitalize on San Francisco-styled psychedelics. 

Elsewhere, the collection found the group mining a more conventional rock format; "Wonder Man" and "Shady" reflecting a distinctive Cream-influence, while the blazing "Comin' Back Home" (complete with Beard and Rocky Hill meltdown solos) offered up a nice Hendrix imitation. Sure, it was largely derivative, but that didn't lessen the enjoyment factor. A commercial failure, Uni promptly dropped the band. (On a personal note, we've always wondered about the discrepancy between the front and back covers showing a trio and the liner notes listing four members.) Beard promptly left to join the newly formed ZZ Top, quickly recruiting Dusty bassist.

1. You Were So Close To Me - 3:32
2. Wonder Man - 2:25
3. Just Plain Jane - 2:37
4. Shady - 2:08
5. Comin' Back Home - 5:35
6. Captain Fire - 3:20
7. Chocolate Ego - 3:06
8. Nightmare Of A Wise Man - 3:26
9. Dreams - 2:58
10.Softly To The Sun - 2:34
All selections by Dusty Hill, Rocky Hill

The American Blues 
*Dusty Hill - Bass, Lead Vocals
*Frank Beard - Drums, Vocals
*Rocky Hill - Guitar, Vocals
*Doug Davis - Keyboards, Vocals

1968  American Blues - Is Here

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